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Make the Daily Lives of Your Citizens Easier

Your citizens are hard working and immensely busy with their day-to-day lives. Reaching out to government services to seek any sort of support is an additional pain for most citizens.

Employ conversational AI services from Yellow.ai and Meta to automate citizen support through WhatsApp, your citizens’ favorite chatting tool. Give them more power in their hands to get their queries resolved in real-time.

Win with citizen chatbots



response time



Cost savings in human resource



Increase in operational efficiency



Increase in receivables collections

Top industry use cases of citizen chatbots for governments

Ticket Booking

Automate ticket booking and payments through WhatsApp and other conversational AI channels for increased digital revenue.

Assist customers with locations

Assist citizens and tourists with important locations of civic authority offices or places of interest to promote a smoother civil behavior.

Automate payment & collections

Send reminders about any subscriptions of fines and allow
them to pay through conversational channels for faster collections.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Help your citizens get instant answers to frequently asked questions and optimize human employee bandwidth at civic authority offices.

Benefits of citizen chatbots

OpEx and Revenue optimization

Reduce operational expenditure by enabling self-service and speed up receivables by digitizing payments through multiple channels.


Human resource bandwidth

Extend and optimize your human resource bandwidth by employing Dynamic AI agents, a digital workforce that supports your operations super efficiently.


24×7, 365 availability

Be available round the clock, throughout the year to resolve the citizen queries so that your civic operations are still available, while the employees are on leave.



More employees are needed to handle many demands at the same time. But intelligent chatbots can manage multiple interactions at once with high accuracy.


Reduced waiting times

Chatbots allow citizen queries to be addressed immediately instead of burdening the employees, invariably delivering a higher happiness quotient.


Increased Trust

Chatbots never leave the citizens unattended. They win their trust by providing an efficient and prompt response.


Who can leverage citizen chatbots?





Transportation Authorities

Armed Forces Administration

Why choose Yellow.ai’s citizen chatbot?

Dynamic NLP

Faster time to


Fastest to deploy, less training


Build once, deploy everywhere

One-click integration

Integrate with your legacy systems

Document cognition

Build an FAQ bot in minutes

We win, when our customers win!

“With the pace at which the digital wave is changing India, every sector is looking for opportunities to leverage this in the best ways, and the government sector is no different. Bengaluru Namma Metro’s recently launched WhatsApp-based QR ticketing service is a huge step towards providing commuters with a hassle-free experience. The multilingual chatbot enabled by Yellow.ai is helping over 100,000 commuters with various essential services such as recharging metro smart cards, journey planning, locating the nearest metro stations, and getting fare information, ensuring a seamless customer experience.”

Shankar A.S.

Executive Director – Operations & Maintenance

“As a Public Sector Unit, we cater to a diverse customer base consisting of fleet owners, households, and a distribution network of 20,000 retail outlets. Our level of scale and operation brings with it a complex challenge of providing meaningful customer experiences in a seamless manner. To stay ahead of the curve, in 2021 we deployed a conversational AI solution as part of our digital transformation journey and launched ‘Urja’, a dynamic AI chatbot enabled by Yellow.ai. A first such initiative in the country’s oil and gas industry, ‘Urja’ successfully handled queries for over 1.7 million unique users in just the last quarter, facilitating over 15K leads every year, booking nearly 1 lakh LPG cylinders daily helping us achieve a high customer satisfaction score.”
bharat petroleum

Raman Dhillon

Head, Project Anubhav – Digital Transformation

“The BMRCL QR ticketing WhatsApp chatbot is an industry-first use-case globally that has set an example for other transit services to build solutions that bring true value to daily commuters. It’s one of the many ways WhatsApp Business Platform is enabling organizations to make everyday life convenient. We are excited about the potential impact that such Conversational AI-powered WhatsApp deployments can have in providing quick, customized solutions to businesses across industries facing unique challenges.”

Ravi Garg

Director – Business Messaging, WhatsApp India

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