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Accelerate utility excellence: AI-first automation for superior service and efficiency

Slash operational costs and boost customer satisfaction with a unified customer service automation platform. Automate support across 35+ channels while ensuring lightning-fast setup and go-to-market.

Customer service automation for a truly omnichannel experience


queries self-served


reduction in operational costs


higher order completion rates


boost in agent productivity

Automate 90% utilities use cases with human-like AI

Personalize conversations with advanced AI

Deploy truly multilingual, human-like AI for Voice, adept at active listening, and context-switching, that handles customer interruptions with context and empathy. For instance, customers can report issues, schedule appointments, track bill payments, and service updates.

Scheduling services

Enable effortless scheduling for customers seeking service time slots. Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM/ERP platforms for real-time availability and tracking of waste pickup, tank refills, and technician visits.

Billing and payments

Amplify business growth and revenue through seamless payment collections across channels, effortlessly connecting with your existing payment platforms and infrastructure.

Plug & play integrations with
100+ industry-leading platforms

Anytime, anywhere instant self-serve

Our AI-first unified customer service platform enables automated onboarding, timely reminders, and proactive notifications for meaningful customer interactions where each message is personalized and contextual.


Automate registration, verification, and new account creation

Payment reminders

Send out reminders on text and voice channels to ensure timely collections

Alerts and notifications

Send out proactive notifications on outages, usage status, pickup schedule, and more.

Transform support chats into meaningful interactions

Every conversation is a moment of delight with AI agents that offer personalized support 24/7 with human-like interactions. In the case of complex queries, AI agents can seamlessly hand over the query with context to a human agent.


Create data-driven dashboards to access real-time insights and improve customer experience.

Location-based services

Provide real-time personalized support based on customer location.

Data-driven insights

Leverage analytics to understand user feedback, top customer flows, user acquisition details, and other critical metrics.

Yellow.ai, the driving force behind your

Bharat Petroleum

“Urja bot is highly scalable and can be deployed to help users in different geographies, languages, demographics on multiple platforms. Considering the complexities and diversity of BPCL’s businesses and customers, the multilingual capabilities and 24/7 availability of Urja enables BPCL in improving the ease with which customers connect with the company.”

Rahul Tandon

Former Head of Digital Transformation (Project Anubhav)


bookings on bot per month

Waste Connections

“Yellow.ai has helped us accelerate our AI automation journey for some of the most important use cases, and with the launch of DynamicNLPTM which enables zero training for NLP models, would elevate customer and employee experiences from day one. We firmly believe that Yellow.ai DynamicNLPTM will open new avenues to scale up additional use cases of customer support and agent productivity.”

Eric Hansen

Chief Information Officer

$3.6 M

cost savings per year

We've been called gamechangers for a reason.

The most trusted & award-winning AI platform out there.
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