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Email support simplified

Automate upto 80% of incoming email queries to drive quick, empathetic resolutions while reducing operational cost

Transform your email support experience to drive measurable business impact


Emails Self-served


Reduction in operational costs


Reduction in ticket volumes


improvement in FCR

Advanced email understanding

Powered by LLMs, Email Automation comprehends complex mail written in everyday language

  • Understands long, unstructured mails 
  • Identifies multiple intents in the email
  • Recognizes urgency and user sentiment

Automated workflow triggering

Execute relevant downstream workflows automatically based on email intent identified

  • Refer knowledge base for relevant resolutions
  • Escalate to the right team
  • Transfer to agent for complex use cases

Empathetic, personalized resolutions

Go beyond templatized resolutions and give your customers a truly human self-serve experience

  • Cross-refer user details with CRM for contextual resolutions
  • Identify user sentiment for customized response
  • Ensure adherence to company content guidelines while replying

AI-powered agent assist

Seamless transfer to human agent depending on customer query  

  • AI-powered response suggestions to human agent
  • Automated trigger for agent transfer when negative user sentiment detected
  • Human agent looped in as a fallback for specific complex queries

Connect with existing systems

Provide resolutions based on customer insights like demography, location, preferences, and more

  • Seamless integration with underlying systems, including existing ticketing systems and CRM tools
  • Conversations over mail between customers and the email bot recorded in the CRM for reference
  • Access the previous mail history stored in CRM to deliver contextual responses based on past interactions

Randstad USA

“’s Email Automation feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their support operations on email. Leveraging LLMs to identify multiple intents, generating responses and even escalate to the right teams is a technological breakthrough. We are excited to collaborate with in improving email support to drive better customer experience.”

Jessica Osborn

IT Operations Manager

Randstad USA - case study

Waste Connections

“ has been a leading player in enabling businesses to drive accurate, human-like resolutions and their latest product – Email Automation will help extend this to one of the most preferred channels for support, email. The fact that it’s powered by multi-LLMs makes it a breakthrough innovation and we are excited to see how it can help us self-serve incoming queries and reduce operational costs.”

Eric Hansen

Chief Information Officer

waste connections case study -

Reduce support operations costs by upto 60%

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