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Conversate 2024: Scaling Support Automation with Generative AI

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Customer support redefined: Generative AI as the cornerstone for future-proofing business success

As Generative AI gains widespread adoption in Indonesia, join our experts, Rashid Khan (CPO) and Haren Chelle (VP of Growth – APJ) in exploring its pivotal role in enhancing support operations and customer experiences. Seize this opportunity to learn strategies and emerging trends to stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology landscape and consumer behaviors to beat your competition.

The dawn of AI-driven customer support: Resolve your support queries with speed and human-like finesse

Embark on an engaging conversation with industry trailblazers to witness their end-to-end journey from tackling customer support challenges to perfecting human-like interactions with 24/7 service. Discover how our Generative AI-powered solution, YellowG, can help you achieve business goals faster by helping you go live 3x faster.

Partnering for progress: Leveraging AI-driven innovations for support efficiency

As we explore the benefits of customer support automation, it’s equally crucial to measure its business value. Join our esteemed partners as they discuss how to boost ROI with omnichannel customer support while saving costs. You’ll also learn how contributes to developing a robust go-to-market (GTM) value proposition. Till then, grab your seats – partner names will be revealed shortly!

AI-powered agent assist: Swift support, seamless solution

Move beyond the Generative AI hype and explore tangible outcomes in customer support automation. Unleash the true magic of the synergy between AI and human agents with success stories of top enterprises. Additionally, uncover how’s AI-driven agent assist solution helps boost agent efficiency by 50% with automated workflows and personalizing experiences with coaching insights.

From vision to reality: Unveiling Komodo-7B for Regional Indonesian Languages

Listen to Keshava Chaitanya (Director of Presales & Customer Success APAC) and Louis Owen ( NLP Research Engineer) as they unveil Indonesia’s first LLM available in 11+ regional languages. Trained on 8.5B+ Indonesian and local language tokens, watch Komodo-7B in action across use cases like translation, classification and email drafting in multiple languages.

Transforming support: Amplifying personalized experiences with CRM

Discover how GenerativeAI is revolutionizing customer support and CRM in a fireside chat with industry leaders Sunil Mahale and Rashid Khan. Delve into transformative strategies for personalizing customer interactions, tackling pressing challenges with cutting-edge solutions, and harnessing the combined power of and DevRev. Gain invaluable insights and forward-thinking advice to empower CX leaders for the future.

CX 2.0: Pioneering the future of support in key industry verticals

In Indonesia, text-gen AI is gaining popularity with an expected annual growth rate of 15.57%, while the speech recognition market is projected to grow by 19.57% by 2030, emphasizing the growing appeal of voice AI. Meet experts from your industry as they reveal how’s voice AI bots helped them bolster customer relationships by enabling empathetic and contextual responses.

Ahead of the curve: Navigating the future of AI-driven CX

As customer-centricity becomes pivotal in staying ahead of the curve for companies, KT Prasad (CRO – International), takes a future forward outlook on leveraging innovations in AI, voice automation and ticketing to drive business growth and customer satisfaction. Understand transformative trends in the world of CX and the how leaders can stay on top of them with

Esteemed speakers
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Rendy Dalimunthe

CX Innovation Lead

Aditya Chintawar


Hardianto Puji Utama

Regional IT Project Manager

Herianto Iskandar

Commercial Lead Meta Business Messaging

Naveen Asrani

Head Strategic Business Growth

Ardian Atmaja

Head of Global Enterprise Solutions

Budi Santoso

Chief Experience Officer

Sourabh G.

VP Product Management

Rhoy-Virgil J

VP People Success

Past Event

Conversate Jakarta 2023

Transforming Customer Experiences with Generative AI

Discover the power of Generative AI by combining advanced Conversational AI and Dynamic Workflow Automation for human-like interactions at scale. Deep dive into the latest advancements in Generative AI, envision the future of customer service, and explore networking opportunities with business leaders across different industry verticals.

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