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Our Dynamic Automation Platform offers game-changing solutions for enterprise use cases across industries. Our dynamic AI agents can adapt and deep-learn about any industry. Speak to one of our human agents about how Yellow.ai might work for you.

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Waste Connections

“Yellow.ai has helped us accelerate our AI automation journey for some of the most important use cases, and with the launch of DynamicNLPTM which enables zero training for NLP models, would elevate customer and employee experiences from day one.”

Eric Hansen

Chief Information Officer

waste connections case study - yellow.ai


“With deep back-end integration with the Sony CRM, the voice AI agent collects, records and analyzes user information to deliver personalized experiences. We are pleased to join hands with Yellow.ai for their support in taking Sony’s exceptional customer service support a notch higher.”

Vishal Mathur

National Head of Customer Service

Sony case study - Yellow.ai

Aditya Birla

“Aditya Birla Awards December 2022 happened for a span of 3 days attended by 600 employees of the Aditya Birla Group. Conversational AI helped give users a smooth and intuitive experience along with becoming a one-stop destination for all event-related queries.”

Chetan Bhatnagar

AVP Corporate Administration

Aditya Birla Case Study - Yellow.ai


“At Indigo, we are highly focused on providing fast, efficient and a memorable experiences for our customers. Yellow.ai has helped us accelerate our AI automation journey enabled by DynamicNLPTM where we can design conversational AI flows within minutes. Our Dottie bot seamlessly resolves queries for 500k+ users every quarter.”

Abir Lavasa

Sr. Manager, Digital

Randstad USA

“With automation, we have enabled our employees to receive their W2 in minutes where it was taking 4 to 24 hours before. The success achieved since going live with Yellow.ai is catapulting the team to grow conversational AI use cases throughout the organization.”

Jessica Osborn

IT Operations Manager

Randstad USA - case study Yellow.ai

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Generate leads & sales via chatbots, SMS text, voice call, WhatsApp, Facebook & more, all from a single platform.

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Meet your 24/7 AI co-worker. Onboard and empower employees for a productive, cost effective workplace.

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