Unleash endless possibilities with YellowG, the industry’s first generative AI-powered platform!

Unlock competitive advantage with conversational AI in manufacturing

Yellow.ai’s generative AI-powered Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP) for manufacturing companies enables 24/7 self-serve for customers and vendors to optimize support operations and reduce costs.

Drive business growth with efficient support operations powered by Dynamic AI agents


queries self- served


 saved in operational costs

Anytime anywhere customer support

Self-serve incoming queries from customers in real time with Yellow.ai Customer Service Cloud at the first point of contact in 35+ text and voice channels with seamless integrations with Twilio, Alexa, Google Assistant and IVR systems.

Effortless product exploration

Enable your customers to explore and compare your wide range of products as well as easily download marketing brochures for additional information.

Simplify on-site visits

Enable customers to search for nearest offline stores, schedule in-person visits and request for quotes within the same conversational interface to ensure simplified buying cycle.

Web widgets for technical services 

Enable delightful customer experiences with effortless scheduling and tracking of technician visits, followed by feedback collection to constantly improve customer service.

Go live with Telecom AI bots 2X faster

Optimize vendor management

Leverage Dynamic AI agents to streamline vendor support and engagement with instant query resolutions, real-time status updates and outbound communications.

Vendor onboarding

Quickly onboard new vendors with automated registration, document uploads and verification

Shipment tracking

Get real time information on goods in transit

Proactive reminders

Reach out to vendors on text and voice channels for updates and payment reminders

Unlock business growth

Scale your business by connecting our platform with leading CRM and payment platforms to enable personalized interactions and effortless payment collections.

Lead management

Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM systems to capture/update leads and follow-up

Effortless Payments

Enable easy payments on multiple channels by connecting Dynamic AI agents with payment platforms


Create dashboards to access real-time insights and provide customized experiences

Supercharge your support team

With Yellow.ai’s Conversational Service Cloud, agents can use AI-enabled response suggestions, get historical context into conversations and troubleshoot requests quickly, and boost agent productivity by 50%

AI-Powered Suggestions

Empower support agents with canned suggestions to provide quicker resolutions

AI powered canned responses

Chat summarizer

Summarize agent chats using Generative AI to keep conversation log and track agent performance

Performance Insights

Leverage AI-generated conversation insights to coach agents and improve performance

Ease, streamline and enhance operations to get ahead of the curve with us

The most trusted & award-winning AI platform out there.
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