Manufacturing chatbots that offer end-to-end channel sales automation

Leverage our AI-powered manufacturing chatbots to effectively communicate with dealers in multiple languages while enabling quicker resolution of queries and seamless customer experience.



Higher conversions



Reduction in enquiry calls



Increase in CSAT



Increase in efficiency

Cut down support call volume and improve
user engagement

Go live faster with our pretrained bots that conduct versatile conversations in any language due to our robust NLP engine. Our bots can scale up instantly to deal with a large volume of requests. They integrate seamlessly with various channels and software platforms, making a world of difference in improving the overall customer experience.

Popular Integrations




Microsoft Sharepoint


Deploy across 35+ text & voice channels

Transfrom CX whilst reducing your
operational cost

Channel sales automation

Assist dealers with end-to-end channel sales automation

Product information

Enhance purchase journey by offering on-demand product information

Appointment scheduling

Assist to schedule sales and service appointments with ease

Customer support

Offer 24/7 customer support in over 100 languages across 35+ text and voice channels

Insights and analytics

See your business critical data come to life through visually represented graphs and charts

AI powered HR

Give more power to your people with AI powered employee engagement, learning and development

AI powered ITSM

Improve organizational productivity by offering quick and easy resolutions to IT and Support queries and critical blackouts

Lead generation

Engage, qualify and convert leads through conversational AI ads

Increase efficiency using

Ease, streamline & enhance operations to get ahead of the curve with us