Unleash endless possibilities with YellowG, the industry’s first generative AI-powered platform!

Supercharge your real estate sales with a generative AI-powered chatbot

Leverage Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP) for seamless, autonomous property-related interactions across text and voice channels while reducing operational costs

Revolutionize the real estate customer experience


increase in sales conversions


reduction in
operational costs

Boost property sales with Yellow.ai
dynamic AI chatbot agents

Enable self-serve by automating 90% of real estate queries.

Property exploration anytime, anywhere

Yellow.ai dynamic AI agents deliver round-the-clock responses to customer inquiries on 35+ channels over chat and voice, supporting 135+ local and global languages.

360° virtual tour

Customers can check out the property at their convenience within the chatbot and quickly shortlist, without wasting the time and effort of real estate professionals.

Schedule appointments

Our AI-powered bots facilitate customers in effortlessly scheduling appointments for on-site visits along with providing accurate site location and details.

Client onboarding process

​​Facilitate a smooth onboarding process including document collection, verification, contract documents, etc. all via the Generative AI-powered real estate bot.

Go live with automotive AI bots 2X faster

Unlock the true potential of your  real estate business with dynamic AI agents

Reduce operational costs by 60% by optimizing buying processes, and increasing the efficiency of your real estate professionals

Highly qualified leads

Initial conversations with an AI-powered bot help real estate agents to understand prospects’ needs, enabling more informed decisions.

Improve productivity of real estate agents

Allow real estate agents to focus on qualified prospects and complex tasks such as negotiating deals, conducting property viewings, etc.

No need to rip and replace

Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM/ERP platforms to provide real-time property viewing availability and tracking of real estate deals.

Performance insights

Our Dynamic AI agents gather data and generate analytics reports on customer interactions, engagement patterns, and conversion rates to gain valuable insights

Drive customer engagement with AI-powered chatbot

Enhance lead conversion by 50% with curated offers, and timely nudges across the buyer journey

Automated campaigns

Automate marketing campaigns with targeted messages, updates, and promotions to segmented customer groups through our Conversational Commerce Cloud (CCC).

Personalized property recommendations

Our AI-powered bot dynamically learns from interactions, continuously refining and offering relevant listings that align with your customer’s preferences.

Nurture leads

Leverage AI-powered bots to engage prospects by sending follow-up messages, property suggestions, market updates, and more.

Ready to build an exceptional property buying experience?

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