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Showcase and Sell More Properties With Real Estate Chatbots

Real estate chatbots can schedule appointments for potential buyers, help customers during the buying process and give virtual tours of properties. Thus, delivering enriched and seamless customer experiences.

Showcase and Sell More Properties With Real Estate Chatbots

Win with real estate chatbots



of buyers found their home on the internet in 2020



of buyers stick with the agent who answers them first



of realtors use Facebook for their work



of buyers found detailed information about properties online

Top industry use-cases of real estate chatbots

Catering to visitors
Generate leads and cater to people visiting your website or page.rnrn
Showcasing properties
Display different properties to your visitors depending on their requirements.rnrn
Suggesting and selling properties
Chatbots can offer suitable recommendations to prospects based on their requirements.
Simplifying payments
Make payments easier by assisting navigation through the payment gateway with a real estate chatbot.
Streamlined seller onboarding
Bring sellers on board with your property management chatbot and help them put their property up for sale.
Encourage referrals
Automate upselling and referral marketing of real estate with a dynamic AI agent.
Schedule appointments and virtual tours
Schedule site visits, provide site location, brochures and property details via chatbots
Conversational surveys
AI chatbots converse with real estate customers and ask for feedback that can be used to improve services.rn

Our customers

Benefits of AI chatbots in real estate

Seamless business expansion

Cater to multiple prospective buyers simultaneously at any time of the day with your real estate messenger bot.


Higher lead generation

Generate, nurture and attend to potential leads even if you are busy showing a property elsewhere.


Extended market outreach

Sell your products and services to a global and diverse audience with chatbots that can adapt to multiple languages.


Omnichannel customer support

Answer queries across different channels via AI-driven chatbots to your existing clients and prospective buyers.


Efficient follow-up process

Real estate bot can be used to follow up on potential leads via text or email response or route to live agents.


Offer personalized recommendations

AI chatbots for real estate can extract insights from past user conversations to deliver personalized offers.


Popular integrations

Who can leverage real estate chatbots?

Real estate agencies

Real estate agents

Real estate broker

Property managers

Why choose’s real estate chatbots?

Showcase and Sell More Properties With Real Estate Chatbots

Omnichannel customer experience

Proprietary NLP engine

Proactive multilingual support

Customizable and scalable

Advanced contextual understanding

Live agent hand-off

Customer analytics

Easy integrations

No code development

We win, when our customers win!

u0022The’s conversational BOT helps in successfully responding to more than 100K customer queries a month saving more than 10000 agent- hours/month.u0022

Ananth Prakash

Project Director

u0022Our bot helps in successfully responding to 28K customer queries a month and saving nearly 2K hours/month. The bot has fulfilled 10K personal shopper requests and 2K beauty advisor requests, delighting our customers.u0022rntttttttt
shoppers stop

Ishita Sharma

Project Director

“The Domino’s web bot helps in successfully fulfilling more than 280K customer post order queries a month saving nearly 30K hours/month”

Pranshu Rastogi

Business Unit Head

“Dottie catered to 200K+ travelers and successfully responded to ~704K customer queries every month thereby reducing call volume to our contact center by ~15%.”

Rishabh Ranjan Pathak

Lead, Digital

“ chatbot has helped lower 25,000 calls coming into our call centers every month.”
waste connections inc

Eric Hansen


“The Urja Bot helped us automate 7M conversations, generating 500K LPG bookings per month.”
bharat petroleum

Strategic Initiative team

u0022We are glad to be able to partner with like minded vendors who strongly believe in seamless customer experience while uplifting operational efficiency. We are able to handle double the volume with the same team size and support our customers with’s chatbot.u0022

Kannan Rajaratnam

Customer Experience and epayments Director, Southeast Asia, Zalora

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