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Yellow.ai - Zendesk Sunshine Conversations - Integration

Revolutionize Customer Service with Yellow.ai & Zendesk Sunshine Conversations

Streamline workflows, provide omnichannel customer support, and seamlessly transfer requests to human agents.by integrating Yellow.ai’s AI-first customer service automation platform with Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations.

Go live with pre-built templates by Yellow.ai

Integrate in 3 simple clicks

Zendesk Integration

Cover All Sunshine Conversations Channels

24/7 instant customer support

  • Omnichannel support: Deliver human-like and personalized support on messaging, email, and social channels.
  • Contextual conversations: Foster meaningful connections while maintaining the historical context of the conversations across channels.
  • Scalability: Build once, deploy across Sunshine Conversations channels to scale fast.

Reduce support costs by 60%

Skyrocket customer support efficiency

  • Seamless agent handover: Transfer calls from Dynamic AI agents to human agents for complex queries.
  • Empower agents with rich information: Contextual information and the history of conversation are seamlessly transferred to human agents for context and auto-suggestions for accurate and personalized resolutions.

Up to 25% increase in lead generation

Transform support chats into meaningful interactions

  • Unlock real-time insights: Contextual recommendations based on real-time customer data
  • Up to 25% increase in lead generation: Generate leads more effectively with conversations based on customer insights.
  • Elevate interaction quality: Constantly improve the quality of interactions with access to conversation insights.

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Coda Payments

“We chose to work with Yellow.ai due to their language capabilities, especially in SE Asia. We rolled out the chatbot in 4 of our high-volume countries and the whole process was easy and quick. We noticed our customers loved the bot and this helped us reduce tickets thus being cost-efficient.”

Bharati Amarnani

Director – Global Customer Support

Coda Payments - Case Study

Zuno (formerly Edelweiss General Insurance)

“Our vision is to make insurance easy, friendly and transparent and our AI Voice Bot is another step in this direction. We are happy to partner with Yellow.ai in this digital transformation journey.”

Shanai Ghosh

Executive Director & CEO

Zuno Insurance - Conversational AI

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