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Top industry use-cases of gaming chatbots


Provide in-game, real-time support

Don’t let your players leave their game in between to raise any issues or ask for support. Provide an AI chatbot window that can be accessed at any time.

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Incentivize using a game specimen

Market your game and boost your installs using a mini-game embedded in your chatbot. Players can experience and then install or subscribe to your gaming app.

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Upsell your in-app purchases intelligently

With easy-to-understand plans and an AI-driven gaming experience, you can easily monetize and upsell your in-app merchandise.

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Boost engagement by upto 10 times

Keep your customers engaged throughout the day using gaming chatbots to send notifications and reminders about their progress in the game.

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Gather valuable and powerful insights

See if your players drop off at a certain point from the game or have a specific issue with the UI/UX. Use gaming chatbots and understand your gamers.

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Enable a truly global gaming experience

Using our multilingual gaming chatbots, you can support your customers in 100+ languages globally. Plus, there are no timezone differences as chatbots run 24×7.

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Detect and rectify bugs easily

While gaming chatbots can complete all the repetitive and automated tasks, your developers can find bugs and rectify them quickly and efficiently.

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Motivate and cheer your champions

Don’t let the players leave the game. Cheer them, and motivate them to come back to the game using AI-driven gaming chatbots.

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Benefits of gaming chatbots
Retain gamers intelligently

Engage with your audience such that they just cannot leave the screen. Use our gaming chatbot and motivate your players to play just one more game.

Improve gaming support

Resolve over 70% of player queries using self-service AI chatbots. Provide 24×7 support without increasing operational costs.

Increase in-game test automation

Automated testing being 70% faster than manual testing, find bugs in your game excellently. Increase in-game test automation up to 50%.

Take gaming experience to the next level

With AI and automation take your gaming experience to the next level and get an edge over your competitors.

Go live with AI bots 2X faster

AI-enhanced game assistants

Boost player satisfaction by seamlessly transitioning conversations to game specialists, ensuring immediate problem resolution and minimal game interruptions.

AI-powered gameplay tips

Provide game assistants with AI-generated tips to offer players quicker solutions.

AI-powered canned responses

Equip chatbots with game-specific responses for immediate player assistance.

AI summarizer & analytics

Leverage AI-generated conversation insights to refine bot interactions, optimizing player support.

Transform the gaming experience with AI chatbots

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