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Maximize business growth with 24/7 connected travel experiences

Leverage’s generative AI powered Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP) for seamless, autonomous travel assistance, enhancing customer interaction across text and voice channels while reducing operational costs

Boost customer satisfaction with connected travel experiences powered by Dynamic AI agents


increase in CSAT


saved in operational costs

Anytime anywhere travel support

Self-serve up to 90% of incoming travel queries across channels and languages at the first point of contact without involving human agents. Seamlessly transfer to a live agent for any unsolved complex queries, with historic context.

Near human
interactions with
voice AI agents

Enable your customers to have natural human-like conversations with dynamic Voice AI Agents to provide personalized and relevant responses for all inbound travel related queries. Leverage Voice AI agents for outbound communications such as flight updates, check-in reminders, and promotional offers.

Effortless travel planning

Allow customers to effortlessly check for availability and prices of flights, trains, hotels and more on voice and text channels. Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM/ERP platforms to provide real-time information and enable easy tour planning.

Connected assistance

Acquire, engage and retain customers for consistent business growth with seamless customer service for travelers at every stage – pre, during and post-travel.

Go live with travel AI bots 2X faster

Personalized customer engagement

Deliver personalized, empathetic responses and customized solutions to your customers based on the smart insights about their travel history, preferences and purchase behavior available from the Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Notifications and reminders

Send out proactive notifications on train/flight status, travel tips, hotel updates and more

Loyalty program

Enable travelers to enroll in loyalty programs, track their miles and reward points

Emergency assistance

Assist with claims, and provide guidance in case of emergencies or travel disruptions

Boost revenue growth

Provide contextual experiences to customers with Customer Commerce Cloud (CCC) to drive up to 20% increase in lead generation. CCC provides end-to-end campaign workflows, marketing templates, and user insights from Customer Data Platform (CDP) to drive  revenue growth.

Targeted campaigns

Offer personalized travel recommendations based on user preferences and travel history

Seamless payments

Provide effortless payment options on multiple channels for quick bookings


Create dashboards to access real-time insights and run data driven campaigns

AI-enabled support agents

Boost agent productivity by up to 50% with Customer Service Cloud (CSC). Empower your support agents with  AI-enabled response suggestions, historical context and customer insights to provide accurate resolutions and reduce wait times.

AI-Powered Suggestions

Empower support agents with canned suggestions to provide quicker resolutions

Chat summarizer

Summarize agent chats using Generative AI to keep conversation log and track agent performance

Performance Insights

Leverage AI-generated conversation insights to coach agents and improve performance’s dynamic AI agents empowering travel industry players transcend customer expectations

“Improving case deflection so that human agents can tocus on more complex and meaningful tasks has always been our goal.’s smart conversational platform has allowed us to do that in a relatively straightforward manner. In a short span of a year of our engagement with, we’ve been able to deliver a range of initiatives, ranging from “simple” dynamic FAQ powered by intent detection, to sophisticated features that require deep APls integration. Happy to say that’s product is now an important contributor to our automation enablers.”

Rendy Dalimunthe

CX Innovation Lead


“By leveraging’s Dynamic Automation Platform, and Generative AI technology we are able to provide 24/7 customer support with minimal human involvement, and greatly boost agent productivity for routine queries. Generative AI allows us to offer personalized travel recommendations on our digital channels with human-like interactions while analyzing user preferences and historical data to suggest destinations, accommodations, and activities tailored to individual travelers’ tastes, enhancing the overall travel experience.””

Pawan Darda

Chief Technology Officer, Pelago

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