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Your future beckons! Build your life the way you want it! Join us and take the reins of your career into your hands. It’s simple, we only win if we ‘all’ win!

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‘Great place to work’ – certified and vouched-for by our alumnus!

Globally certified as one of the ‘Great places to work’, yellow.ai is the perfect balance of work and fun, where you don’t just excel in-line with your ambitions but also have a great time!

Empowering employees – It’s not just a claim. It’s a core-identity for us

We are here to listen to all your needs or ideas, even hold your hand when you need support. Taking care of employees and their loved ones well-being or mental health is our utmost priority and privilege.

Healthy and fast-growing environment which is sure to propel your career

We want to pave the way for you to grow faster and farther than ever before. All our efforts are structured to align personal goals with those of the company, so that you win more often.

Total ‘open-door’ policy for all your needs, ideas and suggestions

We are here to listen to all your needs or ideas, even hold your hand when you need support. Taking care of employees and their loved ones well-being or mental health is our utmost priority and privilege.

Here’s some water cooler chatter
for you

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“Family, Fun, Work…in that order! Yellow.ai and our leaders share those values and that’s a key reason I came here. We will build a culture in the US that celebrates achievement, rewards risk takers, will give you permission to make mistakes and most importantly respects each individual’s work/life balance! Couldn’t be happier I made the move….come join us!”

Derek Risely , SVP Sales – Americas

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“The great part about working with yellow.ai is that I get a large canvas to experiment and sky’s the limit. I love traveling and it really helps me come up with new ideas and have a new outlook to look at things differently with having the option to work from home I get to work from a view that I love! Thus Yellow.ai is the perfect place for creative minds who need flexibility and freedom to work.”

Kruti Khandelwal – Associate Director Corporate Marketing

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“Yellow.ai is full of optimistic energy. It can seem chaotic or overwhelming but is, in fact, such a driving force every day. People are deeply motivated, collaborative, helpful and kind which makes for a happy, healthy workplace. The best part for me is being able to take my pet to work, it’s a genuine delight to work around our furry friends.”

Aavi Mathuan, Senior Manager, Marketing

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“It is great to work with Yellow.ai, where I can feel the entire company embracing a people-first approach. yellow.ai provides a fantastic work environment and great opportunities to thrive and learn in a global market The people-first culture ensures work-life balance, giving me enough time to spend with my little ones.”

Albert Tiong, Senior Enterprise Sales Manager, Malaysia

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“At Yellow.ai, my ideas are always heard and am always given the freedom to execute the same. My teammates are so enthusiastic about bringing some value out of our actions, its more than money, and about customer and end-user experiences that we create. Working at yellow.ai has helped me get a step closer to my Ikigai and there’s a long way to go. P.S. – Cherry on top , i get enough time to pursue my passion for photography .”

Apoorva Shrivastava, Growth Product Manager, India

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“Yellow.ai has been a wonderful place to work. The nature of work, the technologies worked upon and explored, the transparency in the work culture, the employee benefits illustrate yellow.ai really cares!”

Sajin Sam Mathews, Delivery Manager, Studio Engineering, India

“The world is looking up to us, to tackle the greatest challenges and it’s our responsibility to solve them.”

With the world becoming smaller and the impact becoming larger, there is a unique opportunity for each one of us to do something meaningful and leave behind an impact. We believe in hiring intelligent minds and leaving them free to fail cheap, fail fast and learn always. We’re looking for souls who believe they’re here to shape the world to be more simple, smart and sustainable.

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-Founder, Yellow ai

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