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Here’s a sneak peek into how and where the #YellowTribe works.


Shared success

All full-time employees are provided with stock options, if they meet the minimum performance criteria. We play as a team, and we win as a team.

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Work from anywhere

The majority of the tribe works remotely, while many enjoy the benefits of hybrid workspaces in major cities around the world, and we work hard to make sure everyone feels involved.

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Boundaryless and global

When you join the Built In team, you’ll be a part of a truly global community. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with people from all corners of the world, and learn from their unique backgrounds and insights.

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The Wheel of Wellness (WoW)

Our human development initiative is devoted to four key areas crucial for the holistic wellbeing of our tribe members: mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

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Note from the CEO

“All of us today have the privilege to exist at a convergence of some of the greatest technological advancements human civilization has seem so far, and this presents us with a unique opportunity to do something meaningful and leave behind an impact. At, we believe in hiring intelligent minds and leaving them free to fail cheap, fail fast and learn always. We’re looking for souls who believe they’re here to shape the world to be more simple, smart and sustainable.”

Raghu Ravinutala

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder,

The Yellow Code.
Where culture meets purpose.

At the heart of our approach to revolutionizing the world of conversational AI is the human touch. While we strive to innovate with a strong sense of drive, urgency, and purpose, our core values ensure that we stay focused on what truly matters.

Execute with clarity and focus

We help build clarity with a focus on the why, what, where, who and how. We make decisions based on factual data and insights. We  work with an outcome-driven focus.

Holly Zinn - Culture Code

“One of the core values we have here at is to execute with focus and clarity. It’s amazing when everyone works with same goal of creating the best experience for our customer and partners while providing the best tools for their end customers.”

– Holly Zinn, Sr. Director – Channel Partnerships

“It refers to a laser-focus approach in making the customers successful, which at times precedes’s success. For me, it is as simple – the customer should want to have you as an employee.”

– Punam Zade, Sr. Manager Customer Success

Create customer success

We proactively understand the customers needs and solve their problems while ensuring they have the best-in-class experience.

Move the needle everyday

We consistently respond and act – with agility, ownership and passion. We are solution-oriented and make things happen everyday.


“This means to create an impact every day with the work you do. It means taking a single step towards a goal. The focus is on aligning the team with the company at large.”

– Jaya Parasuraman, Chief of Staff – Marketing

“We are bold in our aspirations. We are aiming for much greater ARR growth rates than other companies of comparable size. People are valiantly willing to embrace new procedures and organizational restructuring.”

–  Sehaj Alagh, Associate – CEO’s Office

Demonstrate grit

We demonstrate perseverance and strength toward fulfilling the goals of the company, despite the challenges.

Do more with less

We aggressively pursue excellence in our work. We don’t settle for mediocrity, we create better outcomes and strive to deliver beyond the expected.

Culture Code

“We started from scratch, discovered the market & understood the customer needs. The pitches were limited at that time, but because of the shared feedback we were able to win great logos.”

– Abhimanyu Singh, Associate Director – Product

“The customers look at as one organization, so for them, we are either successful or we are not. Hence, no matter who the customer contacts, when there is a problem we make sure that it falls in the right bucket and gets resolved promptly.”

– Swastik Padhi, Engineering Manager

One team

We work collaboratively to leverage collective power, as one team, with trust, collaboration, empathy, and inclusiveness in every action and interaction.

Where do you want to grow? We’ll get you there.

We hire you not just because of the skills and qualifications you bring to the table, but also because we see the zeal needed to propel the role you are brought into to the future. You’ll grow at, and not just in the career ladder.

We've been called gamechangers for a reason.

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