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Goal-based conversations

Don’t just limit your AI agents to query handling. Shift to scenario management with generative AI for goal-oriented customer interactions

  • 50% improvement in customer journey completion rate
  • 90% Self-serve automation

Human-like empathy

Say No to mechanical responses ! Truly empathize with your customer situations. Generate personalized recommendations and solutions based on their preferences from Yellow.ai CDP

  • 40% Increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • 50% Increase in Conversions

Gen AI-powered inbox

Empower your agents with generative AI powered chat summaries, response and tonality suggestions for quicker and effective query resolutions.

  • 50% Increase in CSAT
  • 30% Reduction in Average Handling Time

Dynamic workflows

Real life customer scenarios are dynamic. Adapt to ever changing customer scenarios with our generative AI-infused Dynamic Workflow Generator for customizable, agile responses

  • 20% Increase in Lead Generation
  • 50% Increase in User Engagement

Faster time to value

Launch campaigns instantly with AI-generated contextual templates tailored to your goals and user segments. Effortlessly fine-tune brevity, tonality and urgency using our generative AI-powered content engine.

  • 3X Faster time to market
  • 50% Reduction in development time

Infinite possibilities.
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