Unleash endless possibilities with YellowG, the industry’s first generative AI-powered platform!

Power your telecom business using Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Automation Platform

 Achieve 60% cost reduction and 40% improved CSAT with generative AI

Have personalized conversations with customers, at every step of their buying journey.


queries self- served


increase in customer engagement

Efficient and customer-focused telecom support

Harness the capabilities of cutting-edge conversational AI to seamlessly acquire new subscribers and retain existing ones, all while minimizing operational expenses.

Track real-time availability of services

Track orders and their status on a wide variety of text ( SMS, Whatsapp and more) and voice channels. Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM/ERP platforms to provide customers with real-time updates.

Personalize conversations based on specific needs

Recommend personalized connectivity plans based on a customer’s requirement, suggest add-ons and provide customized solutions via goal-based conversations to engage with customers at the right time.

Interactive conversations with Voice AI

With advanced Voice AI capabilities, go to market 50% faster and deploy Voice AI Agents that understand context and exhibit empathy. Have personalized conversations with customers for queries related to network plans or troubleshooting.

Go live with telecom AI bots 2X faster

Engage with customers, no matter where they are

Use dynamic AI agents trained on industry specific multi-LLMs (Large Language Models) to understand telecom related queries, and improve customer engagement by 60%

Explore plans

Enable customers to compare and choose plans of their choice

Payment reminders

Send out reminders on text and voice channels to reduce missed payments

Troubleshooting assistance

Provide instant service for WiFi, or mobile connectivity issues by walking them through diagnostic steps

Get the most out of your marketing efforts

Use Yellow.ai’s Conversational Commerce Cloud to create AI-powered marketing templates, omnichannel workflows in a matter of minutes and run targeted campaigns to improve conversion rates by 50%

Templates Powered by Generative AI

Just input tone, context and user segment to get AI generated marketing templates

AI generated workflows

Generate campaign workflows instantly to promote discounts and run loyalty programs.

Personalized promotions

Leverage customer data platform to run hyper-targeted marketing campaigns

Supercharge your support team

With Yellow.ai’s Conversational Service Cloud, agents can use AI-enabled response suggestions, get historical context into conversations and troubleshoot requests quickly, and boost agent productivity by 50%

AI-Powered Suggestions

Empower support agents with canned suggestions to provide quicker resolutions

Chat summarizer

Summarize agent chats using Generative AI to keep conversation log and track agent performance

Performance Insights

Leverage AI-generated conversation insights to coach agents and improve performance

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