Unleash endless possibilities with YellowG, the industry’s first generative AI-powered platform!

Make every customer interaction count with AI

Marketing wins made easy — with our advanced multi-LLMs and generative AI-powered Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP), facilitate personalized campaigns across any channel at lower operational costs

  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Boost lead conversions 
  • Get a 360° user profile
  • Cut costs by 60%

Never lose a sale. Maximize your marketing funnel.


increase in customer


increase in lead


decrease in cost
per lead


increase in


Connect with your users one-to-one

Tighten your marketing strategy with dynamic cross-channel campaigns. Create conversational campaigns on the fly and engage users at every step of their buying journey.

AI-powered templates for ease
Use advanced LLM technologies to create compelling, conversational templates on the fly and improve user engagement by 60%.
Auto-generated reminders
Grab user’s attention with dynamic nudges before they leave to reduce drop-offs and reduce cart abandonment rates by 30%.  
Omnichannel workflows 
Create goal-oriented campaigns to move users along the funnel and improve lead conversion rates by 50%.


Understand your audience better

Turn leads into revenue: User 360, our Customer Data Platform (CDP), combines demographic and behavioral data into a single, comprehensive view and runs tailor-made campaigns based on these insights.

Unified user profile
Collate user data through AI-powered conversations from different channels; increase reach and reduce cost per lead by 30%.
Hyper-targeted segments for personalization
Create target audiences based on conditions such as last purchase date, customer lifetime value, and more; improve high-quality leads by 25%.
Targeted promotions at an individual level
Unleash the power of data-driven, tailored campaigns: retarget, engage, and decode user preferences for purchase success
User Profiling - Conversational Commerce Cloud


Unlock revenue opportunities at scale

Analyze campaign performance to identify purchase patterns, intent, and sentiment, and run campaigns to increase average order value and reduce churn; uplift customer lifetime value by 15%.

Powerful dashboards
Unlock 10% net revenue growth: analyze past campaigns and purchase trends to optimize retention and unleash growth opportunities
Event-triggered campaigns
Track user behavior and prompt users to complete a specific task; improve cart recovery rates by 25%.
User lifecycle optimizer
Create a customer’s lifecycle with different stages, optimize conversions across different stages in the user’s lifecycle; improve customer engagement by 60%.
Life cycle optimizer - Yellow.ai

Conversations that do more than just respond

Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Automation Platform can be the game-changer for your business growth, here’s why:

  • Leading enterprise-grade conversational AI platform recognized by Gartner & G2
  • 135+ language library, powered by our proprietary DynamicNLPTM  engine
  • Supports 35+ channels & 100+ integrations

See how much you could save

Yellow.ai is mobilized for scale on a global level, driving efficient, cost effective solutions that can drastically improve your ROI. Calculate what your savings could look like.

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Our customers’ success matters to us


“Conversational AI-powered chatbots with Yellow.ai enabled us to listen to our customers and answer their queries, instead of providing them with menu-based options to choose from. WhatsApp chatbots have helped us reduce our dependence on third-party contact center agents, allowing our brand to directly interact with customers.”

Sudhir Peethambaran

General Manager – Customer Experience

Behind every great enterprise is Yellow.ai

Our smart AI agents can adapt and deep learn about any industry.

We've been called gamechangers for a reason.

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