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Elevate day-to-day employee engagement and productivity with our Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP) powered by generative AI

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • HR and ITSM automation

9 – 5 is a thing of the past get round-the-clock employee support.


improved employee satisfaction


employee queries self-served

Yellow.ai Conversational EX Cloud

Cut Costs up to 60%

Instant self-serve

Address day-to-day employee queries, including IT support, password resets, hardware requests, HR policy FAQs, leave applications, pay slips, and conference room bookings. Save operational costs with self-serve automation.

Boost Employee Productivity by 30%

Faster query resolution

Increase productivity of your live agents through auto assist recommendations, summary of conversations, and quick replies for faster and effective query resolutions. Free up HR and ITSM staff bandwidth to focus on high-value employee initiatives.

30% faster hiring and onboarding

Transform HR processes

Analyze job applications and provide insights  to the hiring team by crunching large volumes of conversational data. Automate onboarding process for new hires, from document submission and background check to dispatching welcome kits in just a few clicks.

Resolution within minutes

Comprehensive knowledgebase

Discover Yellow.ai’s DocCog: Build a dynamic employee knowledge base by effortlessly ingesting large volume of data, and automate frequent queries for seamless information access.

Boost ESAT by 40%

Enriched learning and well-being

Capture the voice of your employees with automated feedback, generating insights on employee sentiments and engagement. Suggest personalized training programs based on skill requirements, facilitating on-the-job learning and problem-solving, leading to improved performance and increased engagement.

Plug & play integrations

Now go to market faster with prebuilt and ready-to-deploy single-click integrations available for all leading HR and ITSM Systems.

See how much you could save

Yellow.ai is mobilized for scale on a global level, driving efficient, cost effective solutions that can drastically improve your ROI. Calculate what your savings could look like.

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Randstad USA

“With automation, we have enabled our employees to receive their W2 in minutes where it was taking 4 to 24 hours before. The success achieved since going live with Yellow.ai is catapulting the team to grow conversational AI use cases throughout the organization.”

Jessica Osborn

IT Operations Manager

Aditya Birla

“Aditya Birla Awards December 2022 happened for a span of 3 days attended by 600 employees of the Aditya Birla Group. Conversational AI helped give users a smooth and intuitive experience along with becoming a one-stop destination for all event-related queries.”

Chetan Bhatnagar

AVP Corporate Administration

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