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Yellow.ai + Genesys Integration

Transform contact center operations
with Yellow.ai and Genesys

Learn how you can increase customer satisfaction by upto 40%!

  • Leverage Yellow.ai’s Omnichannel Connector on Genesys AppFoundry for cost-efficient customer support
  • Run high ROI inbound and outbound engagements with Yellow.ai CSC and Genesys CX Cloud
  • Route queries on text and voice channels to support agents intelligently

Go-live with pre-built template by Yellow.ai Marketplace

Integrate in 3 simple clicks

Genesys + Yellow.ai Integration


Scale contact center operations with 24/7 self-serve on text and voice channels

  • Reduce operational costs with Yellow.ai Omnichannel Connector and provide 24/7 self-service
  • Connect Genesys Cloud with Yellow.ai voice bots for convenient, truly human-like customer service
  • Quickly scale support operations by deploying Dynamic AI agents on one channel and then effortlessly adding more channels


Empower support agents with context and customer insights for accurate resolutions

  • Handle escalations effectively by routing users to the right human agent with Genesys PureCloud integration
  • Call transfers from Dynamic AI agent to human agents are empowered with real-time and historical insights
  • Dynamic Voice AI agents are capable of summarizing live conversations and passing on the information to human agents before the call transfer, helping with context for rich customer experience

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