Unleash endless possibilities with YellowG, the industry’s first generative AI-powered platform!

Revolutionizing customer experiences for BFSI

Our Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP) delivers 24/7 omnichannel self-service, personalized engagement, and AI-powered banking support agents.

Drive revenue and slash support costs with personalized banking interactions


reduction in support costs


increase in lead generation

Fast and outcome-oriented banking support

Leverage the power of next-gen conversational AI to not only attract new customers but to also retain existing customers effortlessly, all of this while reducing operational costs.

Dynamic voice AI agents

Enable natural conversations with voice AI agents that understand the intent and provide personalized responses. Leverage voice AI agents for outbound marketing and inbound retail queries from customers.

Boost sales conversions

Sell more banking products and services like credit cards, insurance policies, and loans across 35+ channels. Drive 3X sales conversions with dynamic AI agents enabling eligibility checker, product comparison and easy onboarding.

Personalized offers and promotions

Increase bank leads by 25% with targeted campaigns using customer insights, demographics, historical data and preferences. Enhance brand loyalty and CLTV with curated offers.

Go live 2X faster with prebuilt templates for BFSI

AI-enabled support agents

Elevate customer satisfaction by 40% by seamlessly transferring conversations to banking support agents to provide instant resolutions and reduce wait times.

AI-powered suggestions

Empower support agents with canned suggestions to provide quicker resolutions

AI powered canned responses

AI summarizer

Summarize agent chats using AI to keep conversation log and track agent performance

Performance insights

Leverage AI-generated conversation insights to coach agents and improve  performance

How Yellow.ai’s dynamic AI agents are transforming
customer experiences in the BFSI industry

UnionBank of Philippines

“The ease of using Yellow.ai’s low-code platform enabled Union Bank of Philippines to quickly scale customer self-serve options, allowing efficient query resolution for clients. Costs for operating, and catering to clients using the chatbot have gone down by 51%.”

Joanna J Perez

AVP – Self Service Channels & Bots Head


YoY reduction in chatbot OPEX

We've been called gamechangers for a reason.

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