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Transform retail dynamics: Maximize business growth, and minimize cost with AI

Enable instant and human-like customer support to buyers in 135+ languages with the market-leading AI-first, unified customer service platform.

Elevate every retail metric that matters most to your business


of retail queries self-served


reduction in operational costs


boost in agent productivity

Go beyond serving–enable delight at every interaction

Engage buyers in human-like conversations 24/7, providing proactive resolutions and information about products, payment, delivery, and more.

Seamless voice-enabled shopping

Deploy voice agents for empathetic, human-like conversations while handling customer queries related to product availability, cancellations, tracking updates and more.

Stay connected with your customers

Provide your customers with a smooth retail experience by proactively communicating updates on product delivery. Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM systems to keep your customers in the loop.

Real-time product availability

Dynamic AI agents connect seamlessly with ERP systems to provide instant status regarding product availability to customers. In case of non-availability, customers can opt-in for ‘back in stock’ notifications.

Go live 2X faster with pre-built templates

Achieve 60% higher customer satisfaction

Customers can view products, check product availability, compare products, place orders, track order status, initiate exchange/refund, and also provide product feedback without involving a human agent.

Product catalog

Integrate with e-commerce platforms to showcase digital shop fronts on multiple channels.

Easy payments

Seamlessly connect with payment platforms for effortless checkout directly from the chat.

Virtual shopping assistants

Recommend products, complementary items, and discounts as per the purchase history and preferences.

Turn every shopping experience into a personalized journey

AI agents turn every interaction with the user into a moment of delight with contextual and personalized conversations.

Understand your customer deeply

Seamlessly integrate your AI agent with the Customer Data Platform (CDP) to gather and build customer profiles based on their buying behavior, queries, interests, activities, and conversations across channels.

Swift agent handover

While the AI agent can resolve up to 90% of queries, it’ll escalate complex queries rapidly to the human agent for quick resolution.

Analytics for data-driven decisions

Measure critical metrics from customer conversations and chatbot analytics like user feedback, top customer flows, user acquisition details, bot performance, bot activity, etc

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“Growsari empowers 300k+ sari-sari store owners in the Philippines to transform into comprehensive service hubs, offering FMCG, E-Services, and financial solutions. Our priority is delivering exceptional customer experiences for user retention. With Yellow.ai’s automation, our CX team handles 74,000+ quarterly queries on digital channels, ensuring a seamless and scalable customer experience.”

Jerico Bueno

Head of Growth, Marketing and CX

How Growsary scaled CX in Philipines through Yellow.ai

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