Unleash endless possibilities with YellowG, the industry’s first generative AI-powered platform!

Revolutionize learning experiences with 24/7 connected educational support

Empower teachers and students with near-human, fully autonomous generative AI-driven support – available all year round, powered by the Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP) for EdTech companies.

Personalized educational assistance powered by Dynamic AI agents.


queries self served


reduction in operational costs

Anytime anywhere support

Reduce support costs with Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Automation Platform. Self-serve up to 90% of incoming queries by teachers and students across 35+ text and voice channels in 135+ languages without any human intervention. Seamlessly transfer complex queries to a live agent with contextual information carried forward.

Near human interactions with voice AI agents

Enable natural human-like conversations with voice AI agents for effective resolution of all inbound course related queries. Also leverage voice AI agents for outbound communications such as class rescheduling, assessment alerts, and payment reminders.

Connected learning experiences

Allow students to effortlessly check for availability of classes, timetable and more on voice and text channels. Integrate seamlessly with existing LMS platforms to provide real-time information and enable easy planning.

Buy courses online

Enable seamless experiences for students to explore, evaluate and book course materials at ease right from the same conversational interface.

Go live with EdTech AI bots 2X faster

Drive revenue growth

Drive up to 20% increase in lead generation with targeted campaigns on relevant courses powered by Yellow.ai Conversational Commerce Cloud (CCC). Yellow.ai CCC provides Generative AI-powered marketing templates, end-to-end campaign workflows and real time insights from Customer Data Platform (CDP) to ensure personalized interactions and revenue growth.

Targeted campaigns

Offer personalized course recommendations based on student proficiency and syllabus

Seamless payments

Provide effortless payment options on multiple channels for course materials

Smart Insights

Create dashboards to access real-time insights and run data driven campaigns

AI-enabled support agents

Boost agent productivity by up to 50% with Yellow.ai Customer Service Cloud (CSC). Empower your support agents with  AI-enabled response suggestions, historical context and customer insights to provide accurate resolutions and reduce wait times.

AI-Powered Suggestions

Empower support agents with canned suggestions to provide quicker resolutions

Chat summarizer

Summarize agent chats using Generative AI to keep conversation log and track agent performance

Performance Insights

Leverage AI-generated conversation insights to coach agents and improve performance

Be the best learning space for your students

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