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Feel the Power of Agent-assist Inbox.
Where Relationships are Built.

Welcome to Agent-assist Inbox – an AI-powered, automation-first unified inbox for agents to provide enhanced customer support across chat, email, and voice.

Give your customers and agents a
memorable experience

Meet your customers where they are

Raise your CSAT scores by never letting a single conversation go unnoticed with omnichannel live support across channels.

Personalize conversations with context

View your customer’s entire journey across channels in a single unified view built on top of our customer data platform to get superior context for better problem resolution.

Reach out proactively to show you care

Why wait for customers to message you? Wow them through proactive notifications sent right from inbox on the channel of their choice.

Auto-suggestions for Agent Responses

Take advantage of agent-trained interactions through machine learning to automate responses and suggestions to specific requests and automatically process similar tickets over time, freeing up agents for complex tickets.

Intelligently resolve queries from across
channels, through one Inbox

Boost productivity with agent assist

Equip your agents with AI-powered suggestions to ensure response consistency, provide automated responses to similar requests and resolve open tickets faster with more contextuality.

AI-powered email ticketing automation

Automate responses and inquiries for customer-created email tickets in real time without human assistance, while having a complete overview of all support tickets from all channels in one place.

Automate routine tasks on external systems

Integrate third-party applications like CRM, Order management systems, etc. to automate repetitive tasks to improve agent productivity.

Collaboration for quicker ticket resolutions

Facilitate agent collaboration by adding fellow agents and sharing internal notes on each ticket for faster troubleshooting

Automatic translation of customer queries

Enable agents to chat & resolve queries in the customer’s preferred language without having to learn the language with the help of Auto-translate!

Use conversational insights to help
your teams evolve

Analytics and reporting to monitor performance

Get deep actionable insights on your CSAT and helpdesk health through out of the box analytics and custom reports

Mine intents to identify repeated queries

Use intent mining to identify repeated queries going to support desk and train your bot to answer them through active learning.

Create workflows to automate known scenarios

Use powerful no-code workflow builder to create automations around SLA, working hours, reminders, etc. right from inbox.

“The team is very agile in understanding the customer requirement and delivers as per customer expectations. They are always available with solutions and take proactive steps to mitigate risks.”
“Yellow.ai allows easy integration with portals. It has easy to implement use cases and the guided workflows function smoothly. Their cloud solution and latest interface is amazing.”
“Yellow.ai is among the best platforms to create chatbot solutions. It is easy to use and almost all options can be customized as per requirement..”
“They excel in creating conversational bots. They can provide meaningful innovations & insights into the products they build for us. They can literally automate everything you need to automate. Their product & solutions are customizable to tailor one’s needs specifically”
“Yellow.ai is the perfect software for building the perfect chatbot. The option of either using UI for building a bot or completely sticking to coding is just simply amazing.”
“A major chunk of the incoming volume is handled by the bot itself. Only interactions which absolutely require human interactions are routed to the operations team. This has increased efficiency multi-folds.”
“The team is very agile in understanding the customer requirement and delivers as per customer expectations. They are always available with solutions and take proactive steps to mitigate risks.”



Increase in CSAT scores



Increase in customer experience



Improvement in agent productivity

An AI-powered inbox to help agents to provide enhanced omnichannel customer support