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Unlock your restaurant’s growth with Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Automation Platform

Deliver superior customer service at restaurants and food establishments and improve CSAT by 40% by leveraging the power of Generative AI.

Offer human-like conversations using dynamic AI agents via text and voice channels for all restaurant queries.


queries self- served


increase in sales conversions

Swift and round-the-clock restaurant support

Utilize the transformative power of advanced conversational AI to effortlessly draw in new customers and maintain a loyal patron base, all while significantly reducing operational costs.

Manage orders
across different

Track orders and their status on a wide variety of text ( SMS, Whatsapp and more) and voice channels. Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM/ERP platforms to provide customers with real-time updates.

Smart conversations with dynamic voice AI agents

With voice AI agents that understand context and display empathy, you can power human-like conversations with customers.

Tap into growth
opportunities with
timely nudges

Manage payments, suggest add-ons, furnish special order requests at the time of payment and send referral coupons to encourage repeat purchases.

Go live with restaurant AI bots 2X faster

Anytime, anywhere support

Deliver frictionless support in 35 + channels across 135+ languages and provide personalized solutions with our Conversational Service Cloud (CSC).Seamlessly transfer any unresolved complex queries to live agents with historic context.

Manage routine requests

Book tables, display menu, recommend specials and nudge users to place an order

Loyalty program

Enable customers to choose restaurants to dine or order from based on location

Instant live agent support

Manage complex queries related to orders, payments, cancellations.

Increase customer engagement by 60%

Use Dynamic AI agents trained on industry specific multi-LLMs (Large Language Models) to engage with customers from the moment they place an order or request a booking.  With Yellow.ai’s Conversational Commerce Cloud (CCC, drive faster time to value with Generative AI-powered marketing templates and end-to-end campaign workflows. Get real-time insights from our Customer Data Platform (CDP) to ensure personalized interactions and drive revenue growth.

Smart Insights

Create dashboards to get real-time insights into marketing campaigns

 AI generated workflows

Generate campaign workflows instantly to promote discounts and run loyalty programs.

Curated offers

Leverage Customer Data Platform to run hyper-targeted campaigns to get more visits and orders.

How Domino’s Pizza cooks up delightful customer experience and digital delivery with Yellow.ai

“Yellow.ai is making Conversational AI simple and accessible for everyone. With DynamicNLPTM, Yellow.ai is making it possible for businesses to easily add sophisticated NLP capabilities to their applications without any specialized expertise or lengthy setup times, because there’s no more NLP model training required. This is indeed a breakthrough innovation, many congratulations to Yellow.ai for bringing research to the hands of the businesses.”

Pranshu Rastogi

Head – Customer Experience & AVP – Marketing, Domino’s

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