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Streamline customer service operations with accurate, faster and human-like interactions across voice, chat and email channels
powered by our platform’s superior LLM capabilities. Deploy instantly to deliver consistent and personalized service
that keeps customers coming back.

90% automation with 24×7 self-service

60% more engagement with omni-channel support

40% higher CSAT with instant, human-like responses

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Transforming customer service for customers, agents, and leaders

For customers

Use our dynamic AI agents to achieve 90% automation and offer 24/7 support and proactive solutions that reduce customer effort.

  • Be where your customers are: Support over 35 channels to reach your customers on their preferred platforms
  • Speak your customer’s language: Use AI-powered agents that can communicate in 135+ global and regional languages
  • Deliver human-like interactions: Use dynamic AI agents that can quickly detect sentiments & ensure empathetic conversations
For support agents

Automate the support lifecycles to reduce effort per ticket and boost agent productivity. Integrate with top contact center solutions like Salesforce, Zendesk, Genesys, and Nice, or operate independently on Yellow.ai for enhanced AI-driven agent support and ticketing.

  • Dynamic AI assistants for agents: Equip your support team with sentiment detection, coaching insights, tone changer, and other AI-powered tools to enhance their efficiency.
  • Smart workflow automation: Identify events and intents from complex messages to trigger workflows for ticket creation, escalations, and more.
  • Powerful agent tools: Access reply suggestions, a 360° customer view, automated ticket assignment, and collaboration tools to streamline support operations.
For customer service leaders

Transform your contact center operations with our AI-first platform to track interactions, and optimize your support operations with quick deployments, Knowledge AI, and actionable metrics.

  • Transform data into actionable insights: Get 20+ real-time metrics with dashboards, user journey visualization, goal-based tracking, and a data explorer for informed decision-making.
  • Go live faster: Create dynamic AI agents with prompts and customize them easily using our user-friendly interface.
  • Get instant knowledge access: Provide instant access to information with Knowledge AI, integrating all your knowledge sources at scale for both customers and agents.

Redefine customer service with Yellow.ai

Dynamic AI agents for omni-channel, human-like support on 35+ channels
Analyze automation and 

agent metrics
Enterprise systems /
Manage dynamic AI agents and knowledgebase
Dynamic AI assistants for agent performance and better customer service
Automation platform that takes security & time-to-value seriously
Enterprise-grade security with safe AI

Yellow.ai is built with robust guardrails and systems that ensure user and enterprise security. Backed by ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR certifications and the principles of Responsible AI we protect sensitive data and maintain rigorous adherence to industry-leading security and compliance practices.

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50% faster time to value with integrations

Yellow.ai’s native Gen-AI integration framework offers rapid deployment with 150+ pre-built integrations, seamlessly connecting with your existing tech stack. No need to rip & replace, with 80% out-of-the-box and custom integrations ensuring simple and hassle-free implementations.

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Minimized risk with expert professional services

With our professional services, you can minimize risks, ensure the right deployment from the start, and save on additional resources and costs by getting it done right the first time. Our team of experts guides you through every step, from initial setup to ongoing enhancements. Benefit from our deep industry insights and best practices to achieve seamless implementation and maximized ROI.

The results speak for themselves, just like our customers
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messages exchanged monthly with the Gen AI bot
product enquiries automated
Case study
Pelago reimagines customer experience with generative AI powered conversational AI agents
Pelago, is an innovative travel experience platform by the Singapore Airlines Group. Learn how they solved challenges arising due to limited agent capacity and handle high volume queries with a Generative AI-powered travel assistance.
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Cipla embraced automation to enhance respiratory health education in nine languages to ensure inclusivity.
“Leveraging Conversational AI-driven solutions on various digital channels, we now assist over half a million patients and caregivers monthly, with industry best 95% customer resolution call completion rate…”
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messages exchanged every quarter
active users handled every quarter in 6 markets
Case study
Coda achieves high customer satisfaction with 85% automation using a gamified Conversational AI experience
With a gamified navigation experience focused on streamlining processes and setting high standards for responsiveness, Coda is now able to instantly resolve 85% of customer queries without human intervention, across six markets.
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queries automated by the Gen AI Bot
active users handled quarterly
Case study
Lion Parcel elevates customer service with 85% automation powered by Generative AI
“Revolutionizing customer support in the logistics industry, Lion Parcel is driving an unparalleled service experience for customers with Gen AI-powered dynamic chatbots enabled by Yellow.ai.” – Mr. Budi Santoso, Chief Experience Officer
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“Cipla is committed to pioneering innovative respiratory health solutions in line with our motto, ‘Caring for life.’ Our objective is to revolutionize patient advocacy by providing customized education for conditions such as asthma, COPD, and other breathing disorders. As a significant step in this direction, our Breathefree initiative has embraced conversational AI and automation facilitated by Yellow.ai to enhance respiratory health education. Our outreach extends to diverse populations across India, offering support in nine languages to ensure inclusivity. Leveraging Conversational AI-driven solutions on various digital channels, we now assist over half a million patients and caregivers monthly, with industry best 95% customer resolution call completion rate. This combination of technology and healthcare allows Cipla to nurture a well-informed patient community, supporting effective management of their respiratory health.”

Associate Director, Breathefree Lead – Patient Access, Adherence & Special Projects at Cipla

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