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Envision the Future of Generative AI for Enterprises

By utilizing Augmented Generative Intelligence Models, businesses today are able to close efficiency gaps while amplifying product recommendations tailored for customers’ needs like never before. Generative AI gives organizations a competitive edge in today’s rapidly advancing marketplace.

Whether you are a business leader, data scientist, or AI enthusiast, this chapter of Envision will provide you with the knowledge and insights from an exciting line-up of speakers to help you get the the most out of generative AI technology.

On-demand sessions

Leverage the potential of Generative AI to automate repetitive tasks, drive innovation, personalize customer experiences and boost efficiency!


Unlocking the Power of Creativity: Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI in Enterprises

The application of generative AI in enterprises is just starting to unfold along with a world of opportunity. This keynote session begins with an introduction to generative AI, then dives deep into technical barriers for businesses, how to overcome them with AI and use-cases of generative AI across industries. Don’t miss out on the immersive demo of generative AI in action!

Customer Panel

Leading with Generative AI: A Customer Perspective

Our panel of industry experts and customers discusses how conversational AI and generative AI can help solve even the most complex problems that modern enterprises face. Learn how to create a blueprint of success.

Expert Panel

Exploring the Core Capabilities of Generative AI: A Roadmap for Business Transformation

Generative AI can automate tasks and activities that are too time-consuming or expensive while simultaneously producing more reliable outcomes. In this session, we’ll cover real-world applications of generative AI that can give an unfair advantage to businesses.

Analyst Session

Finding a Business Case for Generative AI: An Analyst View

Opus Research Analysts and Yellow.ai experts come together to discuss how conversational AI can not only automate repetitive operations but also help redefine the way customers and employees interact with a business

Partner Session

Partnering for Progress: Leveraging Generative AI to Drive Innovation

Learn how by partnering with technology companies specializing in generative AI, businesses can access cutting-edge technology and expertise to help them stay ahead of the curve in their respective sectors.

Product Demo

From Natural Language Processing to Generative AI: The Evolution of Conversational AI Platforms

Tune in for an exciting journey of how Yellow.ai helped global enterprises to solve complex business problems with reliable and innovative solutions. Take a sneak peek at the latest product roadmap and upcoming innovations at Yellow.ai.

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