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Will Voice AI Make or Break Your CX?

Riyaz Ladiwala
Senior EVP &Head of Technology & Operations

Riyaz is Senior Executive Vice President at Edelweiss and currently heads the tech and operations function at Edelweiss Wealth Management. He comes with over 25 years work experience in finance. He helped build the first equity and personal finance web properties in India and has played a key role in defining and delivering the overall technology architecture and strategy at Edelweiss Wealth Management.

Expert Opinion

The Role of AI in Digital Transformation

Kane Simms
Founder, VUX World | Speaker and host

Kane Simms is one of the world’s premier voice strategists, working with top brands on conversational AI and digital transformation initiatives. He’s the founder of AI consultancy and leading podcast, VUX World, is a Harvard Business Review-published thought-leader, voted in the top 10 voice AI influencers by Voicebot ai. He’s a speaker, a conversation design trainer and one of the voice AI industry’s most well-known personalities.

Case Study

Arjun S

CEO, FA Premium Insurance Broking Pvt, Ltd.

Varun Vijaygha

Global Lead – Voice Bots, Yellow.ai


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Is Voice AI the Future or A Fad?

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