1. Roundtable Discussion

Metaverse – The Future or A Fad?

The internet is full of mixed opinions on whether Metaverse can really change how we experience life in and outside of the digital space. In this session, we discuss how the elements of Metaverse are redefining experiences for digital humans and in turn, shaping interactions of the future.

  • What is metaverse and why is there skepticism about metaverse technology? Is it fair?
  • Its digital art being used as digital currencies, virtual realms and none if it is tangible. So what is the point of metaverse?
  • How can enterprises recognise metaverse as a new stream of revenue and how can leaders prepare for it?
  • Which are the key industries that will be majorly affected by metaverse?
  • What to expect in the next 5 years?
Raghu Ravinutala

CEO & Co-Founder

Purvi Bajaj

Manager Systems Engineering

Avnish Sabharwal

MD – Ventures & Open Innovation

Yessie Klein


Tom Simpson


Wan Wei Soh

Head of Ecosystem


2. Expert Session

Conversational AI in Metaverse

Rashid Khan

Co-Founder & CPO


Big tech experts predict the metaverse to become the successor to mobile, making customer service virtual-first. This fuels the need for Conversational AI. In this session, our co-founder would explore the role of conversational AI in shaping user experiences in the metaverse.

3. Expert Sesssion

NFT: The Key to Metaverse Economy

A new-age virtual world needs its own economy and currency to operate! In this session, we deep dive into NFTs, digital currencies, regulations, policies and their effect on businesses.

  • A simple guide to NFTs
  • The metaverse landscape and the role of NFTs
  • How can brands get started with NFTs: a view into digital collectibles and building virtual experiences.
Snehaal Dhruv

CoFounder & CEO


4. Fireside Chat

Gaming in Metaverse is a Serious Business

64% industry experts say that gaming has the highest potential to benefit from VR. People will edit, add to scenarios and extend games in meta besides playing to earn and socialize. How can businesses leverage gaming in meta?

  • What is gaming in the metaverse and how is gaming in the metaverse different from traditional gaming or the formats prevalent before it?
  • How crucial has been the the gaming industry’s role in building the metaverse and by extension web 3.0?
  • Is there anything the gaming industry is doing right w.r.t. to the metaverse that other industries can learn from and drive their growth in the upcoming brave new metaworld?
Yonatan Raz-Fridman

Founder & CEO

Ben Fairbanks

CEO & Co-Founder


5. Expert Session

AI in Metaverse

Sanjay Ghare

Founder & CEO


One of the key pillars of differentiation for metaverse is digital avatars. And creating digital humans, scenarios and experiences will rely on AI. In this expert session, hear from Sanjay Ghare – MD & CEO of Vervotech as he explores the intricacies of AI in Metaverse and what they will mean for businesses.

  • What are some of the industry use cases of metaverse?
  • What are some of the key challenges businesses might face in the metaverse?
  • How can AI solve those challenges?dustries & functions which should leverage metaverse.

6. Expert Session

The Big Talent Hunt for Metaverse

Metaverse has the potential of creating many new opportunities; from experience to space designers besides being a remote workplace of the modern world. We engage in a discussion to see what will be the future of work in Metaverse.

  • How will the metaverse change the job market? What kind of new roles do you see being added? Would any profiles/expertise become obsolete with the new tech?
  • What does it mean for businesses to be working through metaverse as opposed to in-person or remotely?
  • What will be the benefits of working with metaverse and through augmented reality – for employees, enterprises and customers?
Zhanna Manzyk

Lead of Operations UAE

Neeru Mehta

Chief HR Officer

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