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The Future of Business Interactions

Leverage the potential of Generative AI to automate repetitive tasks, drive innovation, personalize customer experiences and boost efficiency!

On-Demand Sessions

 Explore new challenges and growth opportunities

How is AI future-proofing business interactions of today?

As consumers continue to adopt new technologies and shopping habits at record speeds, brands must constantly adapt in order to stay relevant. Join our CEO, Raghu Ravinutala for an insightful keynote session where he shares how you can be future-ready by leveraging AI to create dynamic brand interactions.

Do chatbots really work? Decoding the business impact

Are you an executive trying to decide whether to deploy a chatbot to automate user interactions? Do you feel caught between the AI hype and the fear that bots might not treat your customers right? In this session we’ll share some real-word examples to help you decode the business impact of AI-powered chatbots.

Conversational AI Goes on Offense

The first wave of Conversational AI deployments largely began from a defensive position of deflecting customers from the call center with bots, but often at the expense of the customer experience. Join us as Opus Research Analyst, Scott Baker and Yellow.ai experts explore how enterprises can implement Conversational AI to not only automate processes, but also win customer trust and improve both CX and EX in the process.

Transforming business interactions at scale

Yellow.ai is on the leading edge of innovation where we are launching interesting platform, feature upgrades and so much more. Join us for this exciting session where our CPO, Rashid Khan, explains how our recent path-breaking technology innovations can redefine the future of business interactions and set you up for success.

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