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Powered by Zero-shot Learning, DynamicNLP™ reduces the setup and training time of NLP model from months to minutes, while delivering an intent accuracy of 97% and above right out of the box.


in enterprise
conversational AI space

Go live in minutes

by eliminating the need to
train the model for months

97%+ intent accuracy

with a pre-trained model built
using billions of conversations

Accelerate your conversational AI automation journey

Zero NLP training with Zero-shot Learning DynamicNLP™ is based on cutting-edge technology, Zero-shot Learning, that will allow you to bypass the tedious, complex, and error-prone process of model training.

dynamic nlp

Go live in minutes with a pre-trained model

Enterprises can now go live faster within minutes rather than months with a pre-trained model using unsupervised learning, without the need to manually add the training data.

Pre-trained DynamicNLP model

Stronger NLP built on billions of conversational data points DynamicNLP™ is pre-trained on billions of real-world conversations without limiting to a few specific intents from a single domain. This improves the intent understanding across different industries.

NLP built on real world conversations

Deeper intent coverage, higher accuracy – all you
need for a frictionless customer experience

Efficient understanding of intent from day one

Continuous upgrade to the NLP engine helps our Dynamic AI Agents improve the intent performance, which ensures that your customers get accurate responses from day one.

Efficient understanding of intent from day one

Better intent coverage for all types of conversations

Our NLP has “seen” all different syntactic variations of sentences from billions of conversational data. With a better understanding of the context and intention of their queries, your customers enjoy a seamless experience.

Example of conversation with and without DynamicNLP

Improved intent accuracy across industries DynamicNLP™ is industry agnostic with our Dynamic AI Agents having ingested billions of conversations across industries, generating stronger sentence embedding. This helps to reduce unidentified utterances by up to 60%!

DynamicNLP improves the intent understanding across different industries

We’re a platform 1000+ enterprises love

“ has helped us accelerate our AI automation journey for some of the most important use cases, and with the launch of DynamicNLP™ which enables zero training for NLP models, would elevate customer and employee experiences from day one. We firmly believe that DynamicNLP™ will open new avenues to scale up additional use cases of customer support and agent productivity.”

Eric Hansen

CIO, Waste Connections

“’s DynamicNLP™ is another step towards helping businesses get started with their chatbot deployments quickly and without any hassle. With this innovation, businesses can now easily create and deploy intelligent chatbots across channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter and many others. DynamicNLP™ is a natural language processing (NLP) engine that understands user intent by constantly learning from billions of real-world conversational data points. It enables businesses to not only quickly build chatbots but also accurately interpret what users are asking for – making customer interactions more efficient and delightful.”

Puneet Kaur Kohli

CTO, Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd.

“DynamicNLP™ is a game changer for businesses looking to deploy Conversational AI solutions faster, as it helps reduce the time from months to minutes, and cost required for NLP model training and deployment. has been a great partner in accelerating our AI automation journey, and has improved customer experiences and operations here at ICICI Lombard GIC. With DynamicNLP™, has taken another step in its mission to make Conversational AI accessible and affordable for all businesses across the industry”

Samson Dsouza

Vice President – Technology, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.

“ is making Conversational AI simple and accessible for everyone. is making it possible for businesses to easily add sophisticated NLP capabilities to their applications without any specialized expertise or lengthy setup times, because there’s no more NLP model training required. This is indeed a breakthrough innovation, many congratulations to for bringing research to the hands of the businesses.”

Pranshu Rastogi

Head – Customer Experience & AVP – Marketing, Domino’s


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