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What’s New at Yellow.ai 2022 Q1

Meet our leaders and subject matter experts to learn how the new product features and their capabilities can transform your business. Missed the panel discussions and interactive product demos with Conversational AI industry experts?

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Missed the live session?


Why total experience automation matters?

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to provide personalized, connected and intuitive experiences for their consumers and employees across a wide range of potential touchpoints. Rashid Khan, Chief Product Officer of Yellow.ai, walks us through the importance of Total Messaging Channels (TMCs) emerging as a significant strategic method for providing superior customer and employee experience.

Marketplace launch

Introducing new pre-built, low-code Dynamic AI agents

Using data from billions of conversations, we’ve been able to create pre-built Dynamic AI agents for industries such as automotive, retail and human resources. You can now select pre-built templates from the world’s largest marketplace for enterprise-ready AI agents and Ai agent components as well as configure them according to your requirements

Panel discussion

Highlighting the role of conversational AI in enriching employee experiences

Watch the insightful customer panel with Sejal Parikh, MD, Accenture. Says Ms Parikh, “The HR function has changed in the last decade. There has been a complete shift to talent management with a focus on talent attraction, talent engagement and more. Conversational AI is helping reduce the repetitive queries that we deal with. AI can help improve employee engagement and also save up to 40% of an HR personnel’s time.”

Live demos

Creating intelligent voice bots to humanize voice interactions

Watch the demo by our Voice Product lead, showcasing intelligent voice bot conversations that highlight the Dynamic AI agent’s ability to empathize, understand, reroute and complete journeys in multiple languages, tonalities and accent.

Inbox feature release

Launching a host of new functionalities

Discover how Inbox with its newly launched features can boost agent productivity by up to 30% and improve CSAT by up to 40%. The new features will augment the benefits of Inbox for its users.

What’s new in Engage

Introducing unified user profiles with in-app tracking and seamless integrations with CRMs/MarTech stack

We have realized how important it is for brands to deliver an omni-channel customer experience that’s consistent and delivers a holistic customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition through transaction, to retention and growth. In this hands-on session, learn about the new capabilities and how you can build a cohesive marketing strategy with 360-degree Engage.

Studio updates

Showcasing ways to enhance conversational design

If you are a developer, you must watch the Studio updates. Our Product Lead showcases how to enhance Conversational Design seamlessly with Bot Studio.

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