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How Conversational AI is Transforming the Retail and E-commerce Industry?

Do you know that 71% of consumers want a consistent shopping experience across different channels? 

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More than half of the consumers prefer a business that they can chat and shop on. If you’re not serving customers at every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey, you’re losing massive sales opportunities. Customers prefer chat apps for initial contact because of the quick response time. All this is possible with conversational AI.

This whitepaper contains a deep analysis of retail and e-commerce market growth, how AI chatbots improve the shopping experience, and the benefits of using conversational AI in online shopping.

Gain insights on:

The role of AI in upgrading the online shopping experience.
Growth of retail and e-commerce industry during the pandemic.
How to use AI chatbots to engage with buyers and bring a unified shopping experience.
Benefits of using AI agents in online retail and e-commerce.