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An enterprise leader’s build vs. buy blueprint: Crafting success with the best-fit AI for customer service

The demand for Conversational AI grows as 95% of contact center leaders reported cost and time savings.1 Despite the plethora of benefits, executives are riddled with the dilemma between build vs. buy solutions. Read this ebook to learn how to choose the right AI solution for transforming customer service.

Download this e-guide to obtain comprehensive insights on

  • Top reasons behind the rise of AI in customer service and its pivotal role in defining a company’s success.
  • 8 drivers and questions to consider for assessing the build vs. buy approach, encompassing factors like time, costs, security, flexibility, and more.
  • Advantages and drawbacks of outsourcing, hybrid, partnership, off-the-shelf, custom-built, and in-house solutions, based on the 8 factors.
  • A decision-making framework for selecting the ideal build vs. buy solution, with the rationale behind the preferred choice of leading enterprises.

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