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Empowering Shoppers Via AI-Powered Retail Assistant On WhatsApp

June 12, 2020  •  4 minute read

Many retail companies are seeking to innovate and move beyond the architecturally closed rigid commerce applications of yore, towards endless experience led technology such as WhatsApp Business API, allowing a refined control over the user interface and digital commerce experience. In a market, where customers cannot physically go browsing the retail store, WhatsApp Business API is the go-to customer strategy. The Endless Aisle ability to display, access, and sell inventory via WhatsApp Business API has helped shoppers by accessing the store in the comfort of their couch with a click on their phone. Leaving the physical retail shop purposeless, all that matters is seamlessly meeting the consumer’s demand, by any means necessary. Gartner already predicts by 2022, 10% of organizations doing digital commerce will build the existing commerce business into a platform business, to transform themselves into digital businesses, and 60% of those will use an open ecosystem to scale up the growth.

Leveraging WhatsApp Business API will help retailers to directly connect with consumers on the preferred customer’s platform. The Virtual assistant can help order and provide the consumer with complete product details. Lets us look into how retailers can leverage API platforms.

7 Ways Retailers can use WhatsApp Business API

Product Discovery

The consumer can search for the product that they need and they can also discover the fresh stock through the search attributes and SKU catalog feature. Business insiders report that more than half of consumers prefer a business that they can chat and shop on.

Product Offers and Promotions

Customers can be notified regarding sales, offers, and other promotions running on the e-commerce platform. They can provide even customized promotions to the customers via WhatsApp personalized message shopping, decreasing abandoned cart challenge.

Product Ordering and Personalised Recommendations

There is an outrageous demand for a personalized shopping experience,  and what is more personalized than a direct to customer engagement platform. Retailers with the help of WhatsApp Chatbot can provide personalized catalog and discounts based on loyalty and promotion campaigns.

Order Payment and Tracking

WhatsApp Chatbot can automate the payment on the WhatsApp messaging application by providing the payment link, and the consumer can pay for the product via payment gateways. It provides the documented invoice through the chat. Business wire study conveys, 93% of customers prefer receiving proactive updates from retailers regarding their shipment. Customer rather than switching to e-commerce platforms can directly track their shipments via the preferred messaging application.

Enroll and Check Loyalty Benefits

As the customer shops, loyalty programs such as credit, score points, can be initiated to help build customer loyalty. Loyalty program tracking enablement on the messaging they use pure gold idea. 57% of customers want to engage with their loyalty programs using mobile devices The customers can be notified of the same through WhatsApp notifications or over the chats, boosting them through the sales funnel.

Locate the Store

In case the shoppers want to return an item or redeem his points and have any grievances for which he wants to visit the store. How can WhatsApp Chatbot help? With the GPS tracker, the WhatsApp Chatbot helps you locate the nearest store to your house. Or the nearest pickup point for their shipment.

Service Feedback

Customer feedback or voice of the customer is a very important aspect of improving CX. An improved platform for collecting, analysis, distribution, and action into a single interconnected platform, can help understand and improve CX. Frontend with a user-friendly interface helps attract customers and at the back end the detailed analysis and reports of the feedback with the help of AI and NLP; help us improve services.

The recognition of the digital experience as the key differentiator to the plain vanilla e-commerce platform is required to stay relevant in the market. According to the study by Business Wire, regardless of the issue, 97.5% of shoppers want to self-serve or interact with a retailer directly to resolve issues. Retailers like Spencer have already started leveraging the platform to provide enhanced customer experience to their consumers.

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