Envision by Yellow.ai is a one-of-its-kind content property with technology at the center of it all. The objective of this property is to envision the future of technology and its role in revolutionizing experiences. We aim to bring together luminaries, thought leaders, influencers, and industry experts under one roof to share their unbiased opinions in this purely educational series of events.

Sneak-peek into Envisions!

Envision the Future
of Generative AI for Enterprises

Leverage the potential of Generative AI to automate repetitive tasks, drive innovation, personalize customer experiences and boost efficiency!

28th February 2023

08:00 PST | 16:00 BST | 20:00 GST | 21:30 IST

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Generative AI: The Key to Endless Possibilities

With each technology advancement, more companies are beginning to explore the potential of generative AI to revamp their business operations. Generative AI leverages both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide organizations a competitive edge in today’s rapidly advancing marketplace—a knowledge essential for any modern executive or business owner looking to remain viable amid transformation.

Join us for an amazing event where industry experts share their insights on how enterprises can leverage generative AI to drive innovation, automate repetitive tasks, improve decision-making, personalize customer experiences and boost efficiency.


What’s in Store for You?

19:35 – 20:10


Unlocking the Power of Creativity: Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI in Enterprises

The application of generative AI in enterprises is just starting to unfold along with a world of opportunity. This keynote session begins with an introduction to generative AI, then dives deep into technical barriers for businesses, how to overcome them with AI and use-cases of generative AI across industries. Don’t miss out on the immersive demo of generative AI in action!
20:10 – 20:40

Expert session

Exploring the Core Capabilities of Generative AI: A Roadmap for Business Transformation

Generative AI can automate tasks and activities that are too time-consuming or expensive while simultaneously producing more reliable outcomes. In this session, we’ll cover real-world applications of generative AI that can give an unfair advantage to businesses.
20:40 – 21:10

Customer panel

Leading with Generative AI: A Customer Perspective

Our panel of industry experts and customers discusses how conversational AI and generative AI can help solve even the most complex problems that modern enterprises face. Learn how to create a blueprint of success.
21:10 – 21:50

Analyst session

Finding a Business Case for Generative AI: An Analyst View (IDC Spotlight)

IDC Analysts and Yellow.ai experts come together to discuss how conversational AI can not only automate repetitive operations but also help redefine the way customers and employees interact with a business
21:50 – 22:20

Partner session

Partnering for Progress: Leveraging Generative AI to Drive Innovation

Learn how by partnering with technology companies specializing in generative AI, businesses can access cutting-edge technology and expertise to help them stay ahead of the curve in their respective sectors.
21:50 – 22:20

Expert session

From Natural Language Processing to Generative AI: The Evolution of Conversational AI Platforms

Tune in for an exciting journey of how Yellow.ai helped global enterprises to solve complex business problems with reliable and innovative solutions. Take a sneak peek at the latest product roadmap and upcoming innovations at Yellow.ai.
21:50 – 22:20

Demo session

Product Demonstrations

Time to move to the next level! A session where the real-time demos of our most innovative products steal the show.

Why Attend Envision?

Whether you are a business leader, data scientist, or AI enthusiast, this event will empower you with the proper knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly-evolving space of generative AI. Carve your unique path to success with actionable insights!

Learn from industry experts

So far 25+ industry influencers and business leaders from brands like Adidas, Meta, Domino’s, Zalora and Edelweiss have spoken at past chapters of Envision.

Kick-start your automation journey

Envision is structured in a way that helps every enterprise—at any stage of AI adoption—integrate AI into their business strategy while creating delightful experiences and scaling it, tenfold.

Take home actionable insights

All the Envision sessions are highly practical and assisted by demos. We discuss real-world case studies at lengths to help you craft a blueprint of organizational success.

Past Speakers

Dr. Rami Shaheen

Member-Board of Advisors

Scott Baker

Analyst, Opus Research

Utpal Chakraborty

Chief Digital Officer

Doug Mooneyham

Director – Ops Apps

Yessie Klein


Avnish Sabharwal

MD – Ventures & Open Innovation

Purvi Bajaj

Manager Systems Engineering

Yonatan Raz-Fridman

Founder & CEO

Tom Simpson


Sanjay Ghare


Ben Fairbanks

CEO & Co-Founder

Wan Wei Soh

Head of Ecosystem

Zhanna Manzyk

Lead Operations (UAE)

Sidharth Mukherjee

Chief Digital Officer

Sudhir Peethambaran


Vikas Gupta

Sr. Manager, Omni-channel & Innovation

Snehaal Dhruv

CoFounder & CEO

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Future-Ready Brands That Attended Envision

Chapter 01
The Future of Voice AI

1hr 15 minutes

Join 10+ industry experts and 5 intriguing sessions in a quest to find out if voice AI really is the future of businesses or just another hype!

Keynote: Will Voice AI Make or Break Your CX?

Riyaz Ladiwala
Senior EVP &
Head of Technology & Operations

Riyaz is Senior Executive Vice President at Edelweiss and currently heads the tech and operations function at Edelweiss Wealth Management. He comes with over 25 years work experience in finance. He helped build the first equity and personal finance web properties in India and has played a key role in defining and delivering the overall technology architecture and strategy at Edelweiss Wealth Management.

Expert Opinion: The Role of AI in Digital Transformation

Kane Simms
Founder, VUX World | Speaker and host

Kane Simms is one of the world’s premier voice strategists, working with top brands on conversational AI and digital transformation initiatives. He’s the founder of AI consultancy and leading podcast, VUX World, is a Harvard Business Review-published thought-leader, voted in the top 10 voice AI influencers by Voicebot ai. He’s a speaker, a conversation design trainer and one of the voice AI industry’s most well-known personalities.

Case study

Arjun S


Varun Vijaygha

Global Lead – Voice Bots

Platform Demo

Experience a short live platform demo, and explore how easy it is to get started with yellow ai no-code platform.

Roundtable Discussion: Is Voice AI the Future or A Fad?

Sridhar Subbaraman

Co-founder & CEO

Sudhir Rao

Director – Partner Technology

Bradley Metrock


Neha Verlekar

Chief Manager Business Operations

Ashish Chauhan

VP of IT

Pethachi Pichappan

VP of IT

Chapter 02
The Future of Retail & E-commerce

3hrs 3 minutes

Watch 4 sessions where industry leaders explore new challenges and growth opportunities for retailers and ecommerce players, with CX as a key differentiator to capture market share.

Keynote: How Zalora is preparing itself to stay ahead of the game this virtual shopping season

Kannan Rajaratnam
Regional Director of Payments &
Customer Operations

Kannan comes with over 15 years of experience in leadership roles at companies such as Groupon, Shell, and several others. Learn how his team at Zalora is planning to take on the shopping spike this holiday season by fine-tuning their digital customer engagement strategy.

Virtual Coffee table

How AI is transforming the retail space amidst a pandemic

  • What leaders in the retail space have to say about AI-led digital transformation
  • From physical to digital – Leaders talk about 10 ways conversational AI is transforming the retail space.
  • Conversational AI enables increase in revenue for retail – Myth or fact?
  • Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, singles day – Preparing your business for the virtual shopping season
  • Conversational AI for retail – The future or a hype?
Sanjay Kumar Tripathi

Chief Digital Officer

Pranshu Rastogi

CX Head

Dominos logo
Prakash K. Mohapatra

Global Marketing Leader

Kartikeya Singh

Director, IT

Vach Pillutla


Nitin Agarwal


Neil Barman

Chief Growth Officer

Expert Session: Generate more business with Instagram Messaging

Ekta Agarwal
Strategic Product Partnership

With over 5 years of experience, Ekta has worked with popular brands such as Facebook, Zomato, Uber, and Deloitte. Unlock the key to leveraging Instagram as a marketing channel to better the retail experience for your customers.

Case Study

Justin Joseph

Head of Digital, Marketing & CRM, S.E.A.

Maneesha Bhusal

Director, Head of Customer Experience

What you will learn from Envision – The Future of Retail
and E-commerce?

Whether you’re a brand founder, CEO, CIO, product manager, growth marketer, Customer Support Head, or any other key decision maker – we can guarantee you’ll have priceless insights to take home, and much more you can act upon

Learn from industry experts

Learn directly from industry experts on Future Proofing Brands with Conversational CX: how it’ll impact brands and customers and how you can leverage it to drive conversions, impact and offer a differentiated value proposition to break through the clutter of the festive season.

Kick-Start your CX Automation Journey

Not sure where to start? Learn how to engage customers with an AI-powered digital assistant that captivates users, delivers actionable insights and drives conversions. Take home practical, do-able tips that’ll give you a great launchpad to kick off your CX automation journey.

Take home actionable tips

You’ll learn how to integrate Conversational CX into your brand strategy, and see results right from the get-go. Our experts will answer everything you’ve wanted to know!

Special Edition
What’s New at Yellow.ai in 2022

3hrs 36 minutes


What’s New at Yellow.ai
2022 Q1

Meet our leaders and subject matter experts on the new product announcements this quarter and see how these capabilities can transform your business. Come join the panel discussions and interactive product demos with Conversational AI industry experts.

Missed the live session?

1. Keynote by CPO, Rashid Khan

Why total experience automation matters?

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan

Co-Founder & CPO


It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to provide personalized, connected and intuitive experiences for their consumers and employees across a wide range of potential touchpoints. Rashid Khan, Chief Product Officer of Yellow.ai, walks us through the importance of Total Messaging Channels (TMCs) emerging as a significant strategic method for providing superior customer and employee experience.

  • Total experience is increasingly becoming a key competitive advantage.
  • The use of messaging channels i.e. conversational messaging is emerging as a critical strategic means for achieving superior customer and employee experience.
  • Customer delight and happier employees are becoming primary end-business outcomes.

2. Marketplace launch

Introducing new pre-built, low-code Dynamic AI agents

Using data from billions of conversations, we’ve been able to create pre-built Dynamic AI agents for industries such as automotive, retail and human resources. You can now select pre-built templates from the world’s largest marketplace for enterprise-ready AI agents and Ai agent components as well as configure them according to your requirements

  • Prebuilt, pre-trained hundreds of Dynamic AI agent templates across verticals, use cases and channels.
  • Faster time to market, ease of use and convenience.
  • Reduce deployment time by up to 50% and increase solution accuracy.
Pankaj Kumar

VP, Product Management

Ganesh Srinivasan

Director, Product Marketing

Dhiraj Ramakrishnan

Director, Product Management


3. Panel discussion

Highlighting the role of conversational AI in enriching employee experiences

Watch the insightful customer panel with Sejal Parikh, MD, Accenture. Says Ms Parikh, “The HR function has changed in the last decade. There has been a complete shift to talent management with a focus on talent attraction, talent engagement and more. Conversational AI is helping reduce the repetitive queries that we deal with. AI can help improve employee engagement and also save up to 40% of an HR personnel’s time.”

  • Utilize the best practices and latest trends in technology to sustain the hybrid working environment.
  • Leverage conversational AI tech to drive employee engagement initiatives.
  • Use pre-built HR bots that automate end-to-end employee experience using out of the box integrations
Sejal Parikh

MD at Accenture- SAP Cloud

Tejeswi Sreekantan

Global Director, Partnerships

Garima Pandey

AM, Product Marketing


4. Live demos

Creating intelligent voice bots to humanize voice interactions

Watch the demo by our Voice Product lead, showcasing intelligent voice bot conversations that highlight the Dynamic AI agent’s ability to empathize, understand, reroute and complete journeys in multiple languages, tonalities and accent.

  • Humanize voice interactions to enhance conversational experience.
  • Build bots that can handle interruption while being empathetic and adaptive.
  • Understand multiple languages and dialects.
Abhimanyu Singh

Associate Director, Product Management

Ganesh Srinivasan

Director, Product Marketing


5. Inbox feature release

Launching a host of new functionalities

Discover how Inbox with its newly launched features can boost agent productivity by up to 30% and improve CSAT by up to 40%. The new features will augment the benefits of Inbox for its users.

  • Reduce Email ticket resolution time with Auto Assignment.
  • Enhance Customer Experience with Email SLA Management.
  • Never let conversations go unanswered with post-24 hour WhatsApp messaging.
  • Provide in-person support from anywhere with video calling.
Ashwin Vedachalam

Product Manager, Product Management

Nitish Bhardwaj

Manager, Product Marketing

Akshat Dhabi

Product Manager, Product Management


6. What’s new in Engage

Introducing unified user profiles with in-app tracking and seamless integrations with CRMs/MarTech stack

We have realized how important it is for brands to deliver an omni-channel customer experience that’s consistent and delivers a holistic customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition through transaction, to retention and growth. In this hands-on session, learn about the new capabilities and how you can build a cohesive marketing strategy with 360-degree Engage.

  • Enable omnichannel experiences across the customer lifecycle.
  • Drive data-powered lead generation strategy using a unified user profile.
  • Improve conversion rate with 2-way engagement.
Surender Selvaraj

Associate Director, Product Management

Sarthak Gupta

Product Manager, Product Management

Garima Pandey

AM, Product Marketing


7. Studio updates

Showcasing ways to enhance conversational design

If you are a developer, you must watch the Studio updates. Our Product Lead showcases how to enhance Conversational Design seamlessly with Bot Studio.

  • Auto-recommendation of utterances to empower organizations to go live faster with greater accuracy of intent detection and resolution.
  • Identification and classification of erratic/problematic conversations which will help organizations improve the experience their end-customers face.
Anirudh Shenoy

Senior Product Manager, Product Management

Nitish Bhardwaj

Manager, Product Marketing


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