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Unveiling YellowG: Powered By Generative AI

We just launched the industry’s first Generative AI platform “YellowG” at an exclusive invite-only event which will feature a live demo of Enterprise GPT. Watch the event on-demand to learn how YellowG can revolutionize the way your business operates with advanced Conversational AI technology and prompt-based chat and voice bots.


Raghu Ravinutala

CEO & Co-Founder,

Prior to founding, Raghu worked for 16 years with leading tech companies such as Texas Instruments, and Broadcom. Raghu has been recognized as the CX Leader of the Year at the CX Awards 2022, organized by CX Today.

Jaya Kishore Reddy Gollareddy

CTO & Co-founder,

Jaya Kishore has been instrumental in building the technology at from the ground up. He was recently recognized as one of the innovative disruptors in the BW Disrupt 40 Under 40 2021 list.

Why watch this?

Our advanced multi-LLM Generative AI technology enables goal-oriented and human-like conversations, ensuring customers receive an unparalleled support experience across channels and in the language of their choice. By dynamically automating complex workflows, YellowG empowers you to:

  • Boost efficiency and productivity of your human agents
  • Streamline operations and reduce costs across CX and EX use cases
  • Enhance customer experiences to drive higher sales
  • Automate workflows faster and stay ahead of your competition

What to expect 

At our exclusive event, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the groundbreaking capabilities of YellowG that you may have never witnessed. Our expert product team will walk you through:

  • An overview of the new YellowG platform and its unique features
  • A showcase of real-world use cases and customer success stories
  • A live demonstration of the Generative AI platform tailored to your specific enterprise needs
  • A Q&A session to address your questions live

Secure and intelligent conversational AI

YellowG leverages the latest advancements in NLP and Generative AI to deliver secure, empathetic and context-aware conversations that exceed customer expectations across channels. Key features:

  • Zero-setup bot deployment to achieve dramatically faster time to value. Go live in minutes!
  • Dynamic goal-based customer interactions that drive multiplied business outcomes.
  • Advanced natural language understanding and response generation for more human-like dialogues.
  • Fully-autonomous customer experience with human-like decision-making, powered by Generative AI.
  • Industry-leading security and compliance practices backed by ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR certifications.
  • Real-time advanced analytics, enabling data-driven decision making and improved business outcomes.

Missed the live event?

We’ve got you. Watch the webinar on-demand to learn how YellowG can drive your business success through the roof!

Watch the YellowG launch party

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