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Talk to me, Goose – The copilots of Yellow.ai 

Talk to me, Goose – The copilots of Yellow.ai 
Talk to me, Goose – The copilots of Yellow.ai 

Welcome to the future of customer experience automation! 

Yellow.ai Dynamic Automation Platform, powered by its three AI copilots, helps enterprises with fast and effortless conversation automation by eliminating tedious manual workflows. Just like the legendary wingman Goose, from “Top Gun,” these AI copilots help you through the entire stage of workflow automation, from no-code bot building to automating campaigns and supporting your contact center agents.

Leveraging the advanced Generative AI models, each copilot is designed to elevate customer experiences and drive business success.

  1. Builder Copilot
  2. Campaign Copilot
  3. Agent Copilot

Let’s look into each of these in detail.

1. Builder Copilot – automating bot building workflows

The Builder Copilot is your go-to workflow wizard! We’ve taken coding and manual workflow configuration out of the equation.

Builder Copilot is a cutting-edge workflow builder leveraging GPT technology to create efficient and personalized chatbot workflows within minutes. It helps speed up the flow-building process by eliminating the need for developing bot conversational flows from scratch. 

Builder Copilot smartly generates the bot workflow based on the selected industry and use case. An advanced Generative AI-powered model analyzes the selection and creates customized workflows, saving valuable time and resources. Users can then enhance their conversational flow with ease, without starting from a blank canvas.

2. Campaign Copilot – automate end-to-end customer journeys

Say hello to the Campaign Copilot! 

This AI copilot can automatically create lifecycle campaigns to convert users at every stage. It ensures that highly contextual and goal-oriented campaigns are sent at the right time and via the right channels. This saves time for marketers to ship campaigns much faster and also improves conversions by 50%.

Create a user lifecycle with different stages that align with business goals. Define high-value user actions at every stage and also what the brand expects from the user. This enables the copilot to understand and achieve the business objectives defined for each stage.

Next, connect two stages with an optimizer and instruct the AI copilot code to focus on the interstage conversion. The AI copilot generates hyper-personalized campaigns to users at stages connected by an optimizer. For example, users who have shown interest but haven’t made a purchase might receive personalized discounts. 

By leveraging data from our customer data platform, such as past campaign engagements, RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) score, and user feedback, the AI copilot can create campaigns that are tailored to achieve specific goals at each stage of the user lifecycle.

3. Agent Copilot – empowering customer support agents

Meet your support superstar, the Agent Copilot! When it comes to customer support, this copilot is the ultimate sidekick. 

To resolve customer queries, agents often have to search for information from multiple sources spread across departments and functions. With Agent Copilot, support agents no longer need to spend time finding the right response. Combining advanced innovations in generative AI and document cognition, the copilot suggests responses based on data in PDFs, manuals, guides, e-books, webpages, and more. Just upload relevant documents and add training URLs, and the platform goes through the information to empower your agents with appropriate responses when needed.

That’s not all that Agent Copilot does! The human agent responses can be used to train and improve AI bots, as well as be used as suggestions for other support agents who may not have the answers readily available. Copilot for support agents can help businesses provide quick, effective, and consistent responses to customers, leading to up to 30% reduced average handling times.

Quick, effective and consistent resolution with Agent Copilot

Cheers to the future of customer experience automation with Yellow.ai

In today’s customer-centric world, businesses need to find ways to automate customer experiences in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better overall experience. Yellow.ai Dynamic Automation Platform, powered by its three AI copilots, is a powerful solution that can help businesses automate their customer experiences across all channels.

  • Improve customer satisfaction: Provide faster resolution and accurate answers by enabling automation of complex scenarios.
  • Reduce costs: Automate more with less by eliminating the need for manual workflows, tedious campaign setup, and siloed customer support.
  • Increase productivity: Resolve more tickets via automation and empower human agents with AI-powered tools to help them with day-to-day tasks.

Copilots for a supercharged CX!

If you’re looking to improve your customer experiences with advanced automation and AI then Yellow.ai Dynamic Automation Platform is the solution for you.

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