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Virtual Insurance Agents Atop Google’s Business Messages

November 09, 2020  •  5 minute read

“We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.” Laura Ashley

Insurance Chatbot atop Google’s Business Messages is a revolutionary present extension of the above words. With the very allure of giving customers 24/7 connectivity with no special application. And customers can message any business anytime right from the Search page or Maps and experience personalized interaction with the help of AI-powered insurance Chatbot atop Google’s Business Messages while getting their query answered or booking an appointment or even buying a policy.

A groundbreaking solution in terms of customer satisfaction!

Read More about Google’s Business Messages here.

Many industries such as banking and retail are feeling pressure to bring on a more critical digital transformation by introducing chatbot support over messaging applications such as WhatsApp Business and now right on the Search page by leveraging Google’s Business Messages, insurers as well are gaining more digital maturity. And so are their customer’s demands from the company.

According to the CIO Agenda: Insurance Industry Insights by Gartner:

  • Digital is the most common top business priority for insurance CIOs. For the first time, this has moved to the top of the list, outranking revenue and business growth in focus.
  • Data and analytics continue to be the most commonly mentioned game-changing technology among insurance CIOs; however, artificial intelligence (AI) has moved to second on the list for the year. Focusing on how to build data mastery throughout the value chain is a critical strategic priority for most insurance CIOs.
  • Spending growth is projected in data and analytics, AI, and digital transformation, while investment in infrastructure and data centers is shrinking.

Buying Insurance is a critical decision, and customers, before investing in a good insurance plan, love to research. And let’s not forget now we expect fast service and loath going through various applications to pay premier or apply for the claim.

Now imagine just searching for your insurance company and messaging them right from the Google SERP page and paying your premier or apply for a claim in a matter of minutes in our favorite instant messaging module.

Here is BAGIC, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s Virtual Assistant on Google’s Business Messaging, providing faster service to its customers across pan India.

Here are 5 Reasons to Get Access to Virtual Insurance Agent atop Google’s Business Messages

1. Engage with customers directly on Google Search, Maps and more

Customers can chat with a chatbot right from the search result page and get their policy renewed or get answered for their policy or claim related queries. And all this in a matter of a few secs. By running a Google search of the business for eg: by searching for Bajaj Allianz Insurance, Bajaj Allianz’s customers can chat with BAGIC – Virtual Insurance Agent.

Isn’t that fast?

Time to up your customer engagement game!

#2. Extend Live Agent Support

In case the customer needs to connect with a live agent, the bot helps you by connecting to the next available agent. Meanwhile, assisting the live agent with the customer’s query and response suggestions.

#3. Carry out secure transactions

Google’s Business Messages conversations are highly secured. For instance, for any payment transaction to be made over Business Messages, the user has to authenticate with an OTP.

#4. Personalised Banking, at scale

Chatbot atop Business Messages provides the humanoid experience to users. Rather than going through IVRs, multiple calls and emails. The user can just search for business on Google Search page or Maps and have a one on one conversation, to get their query resolved. This also frees up your agents for more critical tasks. Leaving the entire repetitive task to an AI-powered Chatbot on the Google Search page and Maps. Yellow Messenger’s cognitive engagement cloud can save up all the data at the backend and provide it to customers or agents as and when needed, for quicker service time.

#5. Always awake, responding and selling

Fast Track the sales by driving customers from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel. Fully automate the quote-to-cash process for your customers through a virtual assistant right on the Google Search page. Human agents might sleep, but an intelligent virtual assistant does not. It makes sure that you miss no lead. A virtual assistant is available to your customers 24/7/365.

Bajaj Allianz recently went live with Chatbot atop Google’s Business Messages for pan India. And is already seen becoming Industries favorite with its Insurance Industry related use cases:

Use-cases of Bajaj General Insurance’s Virtual Insurance Agent atop GBM

We deployed BAGIC two weeks back on Google’s Business Messages across pan India, and already across the 1k conversation mark. BAGIC helps customers to connect with Bajaj right on the SERP page and Maps. Customers just have to search for Bajaj Allianz Insurance from their phone.

#1. Policy Renewal and Queries

Renew policy right from the Google search page!

Customers can just search for the business and chat with a virtual insurance agent on Google page. Provide their policy number and verify themselves with the help of OTP verification and pay right from the Google’s Business Messages Chat window.

With the help of an automated conversation, help customers to browse, purchase, apply for inspection, calculate, and pay premiums. Millennials are a tough crowd to break into for selling insurance, but using a Chatbot on Google Search page can mount this mountain. According to a study by smallbizgenius 60% of millennials already use Chatbots regularly to purchase basic goods.

#2. Claim Handling

Automate the entire process of filing claims, checking claim status, uploading receipts within a conversational platform. Rather than filing endless forms, customers can do this while chatting with a Virtual Assistant on Google Search page or Maps.

#3. Locate Us

Customers can locate the nearest Bajaj Allianz Insurance franchise while chatting with the Virtual Insurance Agent.

#4. Live Agent

For all the special queries, the customer can just click on other queries and provide their number. An Insurance agent would reach out to the customer at a convenient time.

And all this can be done on the Google Search page and Maps. Post-deployment of BAGIC on Google Business Message, the customer service time has gone down to avg 1 min. Isn’t that convenient for the customers and agents alike?

Rather than calling multiple numbers, logging through various websites, payment portals, and forms, customer’s can just search for the business and get all this done in a few seconds – all over a chat!

You can also watch our latest webinar on Google Business Messages Automation:

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