Envision by yellow.ai is a one-of-its-kind content property with customer experience at the center of it all. The objective of this property is to envision the future of AI and its role in revolutionizing customer experience. We aim to bring together luminaries, thought leaders, influencers, and industry experts under one roof to share their unbiased opinion on the impact of AI.

Chapter 1 : The Future of Voice AI

Keynote: Will Voice AI Make or Break Your CX?

Riyaz Ladiwala
Senior EVP &
Head of Technology & Operations

Riyaz is Senior Executive Vice President at Edelweiss and currently heads the tech and operations function at Edelweiss Wealth Management. He comes with over 25 years work experience in finance. He helped build the first equity and personal finance web properties in India and has played a key role in defining and delivering the overall technology architecture and strategy at Edelweiss Wealth Management.

Expert Opinion: The Role of AI in Digital Transformation

Kane Simms
Founder, VUX World | Speaker and host

Kane Simms is one of the world’s premier voice strategists, working with top brands on conversational AI and digital transformation initiatives. He’s the founder of AI consultancy and leading podcast, VUX World, is a Harvard Business Review-published thought-leader, voted in the top 10 voice AI influencers by Voicebot ai. He's a speaker, a conversation design trainer and one of the voice AI industry's most well-known personalities.

Case study

Arjun S

Arjun has 20+ years of experience and has led corporate & retail business for several notable companies

Varun Vijaygha
Global Lead – Voice Bots

Varun is a customer & quality focused professional with 16+ years of experience in building strategic alliances.

Platform Demo

Experience a short live platform demo, and explore how easy it is to get started with Yellow Messenger no-code platform.

Roundtable Discussion: Is Voice AI the Future or A Fad?

Sridhar Subbaraman
Co-founder & CEO

With 30+ years of experience , Sridhar has worked in key roles in a number of renowned insurance companies.

Sudhir Rao
Director - Partner Technology

Sudhir comes with experience of over 20 years. He has assumed various roles in companies like Novell, Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Compaq solutions

Bradley Metrock

Bradley is the CEO of Project Voice, a company that drives global business for voice tech and conversational AI companies with over 20 years of experience

Neha Verlekar
Chief Manager Business Operations

Neha comes with 15+ years of experience. She has led customer service operations for companies like Aditya Birla Health Insurance, CignaTTK, and several others.

Ashish Chauhan
VP of IT

Ashish comes with 18+ years of experience delivering IT solutions, transformation, infrastructure, project & product management in contact centre industry.

Pethachi Pichappan
VP of IT

With 25+ years of experience, he was the pioneer of IT outsourcing since 1990 and established IT outsourcing programs for Nielsen Media, KPMG and Verizon

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