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Elevated Customer Engagement With Virtual Real Estate Agent

October 28, 2020  •  5 minute read
  • Bot: Puravankara Customer Engagement chatbot
  • Client Name: Puravankara Group
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Platform: Website, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Business

About Puravankara

Puravankara is one of India’s leading real estate companies with headquarters in Bangalore. The Puravankara Group has over 45yrs of experience building high-end housing projects across Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata. The Group also has projects in Dubai in the UAE and business representatives in the United Kingdom and the United States. With a land bank of over 125 million sq ft, the Group has above 20 million sq ft of residential and commercial space under construction. And a lot more in their pipeline.

Puravankara Group is focussed on providing the best technology in their residential and commercial projects, to help their clientage with a comfortable, hassle-free, and simple life in their tomorrow’s technology in today’s homes

So what were the challenges faced by the Puravankara group?

Lead Generation

A lot of nitty-gritty goes into the process of lead generation solely, and it also takes time to figure out what Puravankara Ltd has on the table and what the client is searching for. Without the help of automated pre-qualified lead generation, the agents have to spend a lot of time calling dummy numbers, this not just waste the clients’ time also agents’.

Repetitive Engagements

The majority set of home and commercial buyers have a standard set of questions like inquiries about space, construction, technology, prices, etc. that can be easily automated with the help of an AI solution. Puravankara was facing the same problem, having to deploy an insane number of agents to help their clientage with basic queries that could be easily automated.

Multiple Client’s Touch Point

Another issue that came forward with our discussion with Puravankara is that the customers usually connect with them on the platform they prefer, making it impossible for agents to keep a track of all communication going around on multiple platforms.

Even with CRMs, most of the conversations with clients are saved in silos, making it difficult for another agent to take over the project in a jiffy.

Poor Turn-Around Time(TATs)

High-touch and high-end deals like buying or renting a property require personalized attention. Before buying the property or renting it, customers like to do research, but for any custom queries, an agent’s presence is required.

But how can one address this kind of personalized attention at scale?

Chatbot solution crafted by Yellow Messenger

Post, Yellow Messenger’s discussion with Puravankara, a multi-channel chatbot was deployed on Facebook Messenger, their website, and WhatsApp for them and their subsidiary company Provident Housing. The channel-agnostic bot helps Puravankara & Provident Housing’s customers by giving them information regarding various projects & prospects with minimum manual support.

Isn’t that convenient one chatbot covering multiple platforms?

Let’s have a closer look at the implementation and its features


  • Yellow Messenger designed, developed, and deployed the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Website and WhatsApp mentioned as per the use cases provided by Puravankara.
  • The top use cases the Puravankara Chatbot is trained, designed, and developed for :
  • Besides, this Yellow Messenger deployed our Ad-tech solution “Click-to-WhatsApp” for Puravankara as well as for their subsidiary company Provident Housing. The bot integrated with the help of WhatsApp Business API helps them engage with their customers at the very start of the sales funnel. The chatbot also enables them to generate qualified leads and connect customers to their respective project managers/RMs.
  • The chatbot is able to understand the name of the customer from his Facebook profile and greet him by his First Name.
  • We are also providing a Live Agent Chat, Voice & Video call feature for their customers to help facilitate direct chat with the concerned RM for personalized assistance.
  • Yellow Messenger trained, designed, and developed the chatbot journey creation to help customers browse properties in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Pune, and Coimbatore. The Chatbot helps customers give detailed information about the property and arrange a meeting with an agent.
  • The Chatbot is trained in FAQs responses for the customer queries, to help facilitate all repetitive answers. There is also a provision for guided navigation by showing suggestion chips while the user types his query.
  • The Chatbot is integrated with Salesforce – the CRM used by the client. All the conversations and leads coming from any platform get automatically uploaded to the Salesforce CRM.


Lead Generation: With the help of the Adtech Solution “Click-to WhatsApp”, Puravankara and Provident Housing are able to engage with customers right at the start of the sales funnel and get qualified leads

Faster TurnAround Time: As the Chatbot is deployed on all the popular platforms, no leads or queries go unanswered. Customers can connect with the agent in case of a personal query and get the service, all in less than 2 mins.

24/7/365 Days Virtual Real Estate AgentEven if the agents are busy or sleeping, Yellow Messenger chatbot helps the end user by answering their query and sending a quick reply stating “the agent will contact you as shortly” to them in case they want to contact the agent and they are not available. At the same time, the agent is notified on mobile or email.

Save Time: By automating the customer engagement, Puravankara and Provident Housing are generating leads, building relationships, and automatically logging the data in Salesforce – saving a ton of time.


With the enablement of AI-powered multi-channel Chatbot, Puravankara and Provident Housing is able to provide pre-qualified leads to their agents while also addressing FAQs. This has not only reduced 70% repetitive redundant conversations for the Sales team but has also elevated Customer delight.

Give Yellow Messenger’s Virtual Assistant for Real Estate client – Purvankara a spin – Provident Housing and Puravankara

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