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Coda achieves high customer satisfaction with 85% automation using a gamified Conversational AI experience


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Customer Support, FAQs, 
Live agent support


Efficiently manage routine inquiries with limited agent bandwidth across multiple regions, in multiple languages

Headquartered in Singapore, Coda is a leading provider of secure, cross-border monetisation solutions for digital products and services in over 65 markets globally. One of Coda’s primary solutions, Codashop, provides a safe, secure and seamless web-based alternative for users to purchase mobile game currency top-ups and other digital content using their preferred local payment methods – including direct carrier billings and e-wallets. mobile games.  Catering to a large global gaming community, a customized AI automation solution is crucial in facilitating effective, efficient and hassle-free customer support experiences across multiple markets.

Solution: Coda deploys Conversational AI agents for seamless customer experiences


24×7 customer self serve

Utilizing Conversational AI, Yellow.ai assisted Coda in implementing dynamic AI chatbots across six markets, providing users with self-service options for quick resolution on product purchase queries. Accessible in local languages on both the website and Facebook, the bot directs gamers through basic steps to address questions, backed by a comprehensive FAQ menu for routine inquiries, thereby allowing human agents to focus on more intricate tasks.


Gamified AI Chatbot Experience

Designed for Coda’s dynamic gaming audience, Yellow.ai has crafted a tailored user interface that delivers an exceptionally personalized chatbot encounter reminiscent of navigating a website. This is a completely gamified experience, allowing users to explore freely instead of adhering to predetermined paths, ensuring they obtain the desired information in a dynamic and engaging manner.


Data-driven insights

Coda can access live dashboards, analytics widgets, and data visualization tools that offer actionable insights into customer journeys. This capability enables them to consistently provide prompt, seamless, and satisfying customer support experiences every day.


Deflection rate



of queries automated

High volumes handled



messages exchanged every quarter

High adoption rate



active users handled every quarter in 6 markets

Coda is known for being customer-obsessed. And we really do walk the talk when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experiences. To ensure we stay ahead, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of our responses to the diverse and wide range of our valued customers around the world. Yellow.ai’s Conversational AI platform, an industry-leading AI chatbot, has allowed us to do exactly this. It provides a gamified navigation experience, streamlining processes and setting high standards for responsiveness and service quality. With an intuitive interface tailored for a youthful demographic across six markets, 85% of customer queries are instantly resolved without human intervention, fostering loyalty and retention in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Bharati Amarnani
Coda, VP of Customer Support & Product Operations

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