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Tiket Supercharges Customer Experiences
with Yellow.ai

Learn how Yellow.ai helped Tiket.com boost operational efficiency and achieved a 2x increase in customer satisfaction

Live Use Cases:

Tiket Points, FAQs, Date / Schedule Change, Raise Complaint, Refund / Cancellation, Update Traveler Details, PayLater, Seat Information, Travel, Assistance, Live Agent Support



Tiket.com is an Online Travel Agent (OTA) and lifestyle venture based out of Indonesia catering to over 17 million customers. In 2019, they were recognised as the fastest growing OTA in the world by SABRE. Tiket.com is the go-to online marketplace for products and services that covers flights, hotels, car rentals, events, attractions, trains and airport transfer bookings. Globally, they have partnered with 85 airlines, 2.7 million hotel inventories and over 10,000 things to do (attractions, tours, etc) and events.





Unable to efficiently
address 40K + travel
queries everyday

Tiket receives a high volume of customer support queries related to flights, hotels, trains and activities everyday. Aligned with the vision of providing a superior customer experience, Tiket wanted to drive operational efficiency by automating a major portion of queries with self-serve options, while also keeping live agent support.

Solution – Introducing Dynamic AI Agent Travis


On-demand personalized service at scale

Tiket customers now receive instant resolutions to 70-80% of queries with self-serve options enabled for key services related to flights, hotel bookings, refunds and FAQs in their preferred language. They also have easy access to the latest promotional offers and loyalty benefits at their fingertips. Conversations are seamlessly routed to a human agent for more complex queries.


Enhanced customer satisfaction

With conversational AI-powered automation for CX, Tiket has seen a 2x improvement in their customer satisfaction scores. The reduced burden of routine queries is helping customer care executives resolve complex issues with greater empathy and efficiency. Tiket frequently uses its Dynamic AI Agent Travis, to conduct surveys in order to better understand their customer’s needs.


Customer Satisfaction



CSAT score achieved since the bot was deployed

Bot Accuracy



achieved during resolution
in the last 1 month

Customer Self-serve Automation



of all monthly queries resolved without agent-assist

High Traffic Handling



support messages exchanged with 62k users in a quarter

“Improving case deflection so that human agents can focus on more complex and meaningful tasks has always been our goal. Yellow.ai’s smart conversational platform has allowed us to do that in a relatively straightforward manner.

In a short span of a year of our engagement with Yellow.ai, we’ve been able to deliver a range of initiatives, ranging from “simple” dynamic FAQ powered by intent detection, to sophisticated features that require deep APIs integration. Happy to say that Yellow.ai’s product is now an important contributor to our automation enablers.”

Rendy Dalimunthe

CX Innovation Lead, Tiket.com

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