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Five Benefits Of Conversational Ads Platform

May 21, 2020  •  3 minute read

With an increasing number of small, middle, and large scale industries want to accelerate growth and business value, you can’t ignore technology available to achieve the end results. Automation has been trying to automate the business processes with some degree of success. With the advent of artificial intelligence and more precisely conversational ai solutions, things have changed rapidly. conversational Ads technology packs a lot of features. Five of them would matter the most for enterprises are listed below.

1. Pre-built Integrations

  • Pre-Integrated with Enterprise-Class CRMs
  • Can integrate with new CRMs through API as well
  • Besides the CRM Integration, brands can see the campaign performance through the Dashboard

Pre-Built Integrations with Enterprise-Class CRM Dashboard

2. Right Partnerships

We’re proud partners of enterprise-class brands ensuring your brand always has access to best-in-class software and support. Some of our partners are Microsoft, Cisco, WhatsApp, Accenture, Partners

3. Scale and Adoption Driven

  • Business Driven Platform: Intuitive and easy to use platform ensures you are able to build automation journey without IT support
  • Self-Learning Capabilities ( Machine Learning): Robust Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models continue to grow accuracy through the feedback loop and chatbot training through both supervised and unsupervised training.
  • Scalable and Future-ready Solution: With integrations for 200 plus global clients, we are vertical and function ready from the day go, shortening your roll -out time. 
  • Help you build, deliver, and adopt: We are with you throughout the journey of solving your challenges, implementing the technology, and enabling adoption.
  • Highly Secure: Built-in control user access, periodic data purging, SSO based authentic, system checks and balances, meet and exceed enterprise security standards.

Conversational Ads Platform: Scale and Adoption Driven

4. Runs on the Best Brains

Industry best NLP to enable personalized human-like conversations:

  • Understands user’s emotions, tone, and interjections
  • Constructs personalized response based on context and conversations history
  • Data-driver response based on data from multiple enterprise data stores
  • Seamlessly integrates with unstructured data stores
  • Advanced features like predictive conversations, sentiment analysis & multi-channel content management

AI & ML Capabilities to ensure continuous learning and high accuracy:

  • Feedback loops and supervised as well as unsupervised training
  • Accurate intent recognition through customizable training
  • Intelligent bot orchestrations to trigger conversations and actions across bots based on the context.
  • Cognitive – RPA integration to automate manual processes across systems without API endpoints. Natural Language Processing Technology

5. Custom Insights

  • Unique Users Data
  • Messages Sent
  • Messages Received
  • Average Session Duration Conversational Ads Dashboard

Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes use the official WhatsApp business API solution?

Yes! uses WhatsApp’s official API to integrate your enterprise with the most popular instant messaging app. Under constant improvements, the service is incredibly reliable and generates a frictionless experience for your customersCan I use my current WhatsApp number?

Yes. Once your brand has been approved by WhatsApp via, you can request to integrate any of your current numbers through the official API so your existing users won’t be affected.When can I reach out to users?

You can reach out to subscribed users at any time using the WhatsApp Message Templates. Each session lasts up to 30 minutes in which you can have any number of two-way conversations.WHAT is WhatsApp business opt-in and how does it work?

The opt-in is the consent users give you to receive messages on WhatsApp. It needs to be done via a third-party channel. You can learn more about WhatsApp business opt-ins and how it works here.What is the WhatsApp message template?

Message templates are messages your company has to predefine and, once approved by WhatsApp, you use them to reach out to users in bulk.What is the “Green Tick” in WhatsApp Business accounts and how to get it?

The ‘green tick’ is the official profile sign provided by WhatsApp for internationally well-known brands or large businesses with a high volume of messages. Among other advantages, it prevents users from reporting you as spam. is the world's leading enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that unlocks business potential at scale. It is powered by Dynamic AI Agents to deliver human-like interactions that boost customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement across 35+ voice and text channels and in 135+ languages.
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