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Redirect leads from Facebook ads to WhatsApp business account

Updated: March 08, 2024
Redirect leads from Facebook ads to WhatsApp business account
Redirect leads from Facebook ads to WhatsApp business account

Usage of conversational Facebook ads in sync with your WhatsApp business account can help you to generate quality leads along with an amazing conversion rate. This has the potential to improve the RoI.

What makes Facebook conversational ads so engaging and conversion-oriented?

Facebook is where 2.7 billion people like to spend their time, knowing more about their friends, acquaintances, and surprise, brands. Facebook has also hit the right chord with advertisers wanting to show static or video ads. 74% of high-income earners are Facebook users. And it is surprising to know that Facebook use is prominent among high-earners, and even surpasses LinkedIn, which reaches just 49% of users making more than $75,000. YouTube is the only social media platform with more reach at 83% of high-income earners. So basically, Facebook users have the spending power. And that is what brands are gunning for.

Facebook introduced Facebook ads in 2007, and Facebook conversational ads in 2016 with two options for its users:

  • Sponsored Messages: Sponsored messages are only sent to users who are already connected to the business’s Facebook page via Facebook Messenger with a subtext “sponsored”. More on sponsored messages later in the blog.
  • Click-to-Messenger Ads: Click to messenger ads leads the user to the Facebook Messenger Chatbot for one-on-one personalized engagement. I will cover more about click-to-messenger later in the blog.

That’s what Facebook has offered. But what is the platform that is even more heavily used and engaged with than Facebook? Yes, you’re right, it’s WhatsApp. 

To add the cherry on the icing, we enable our conversational advertising customers – brands and digital agencies – to enable prospects/users to engage on WhatsApp for business account, after clicking on an advertisement on Facebook. We call is Click to WhatsApp. 

Conversational advertising has combined instant messaging with the advent of AI as a chatbot to help marketers achieve one-to-one engagement at the very beginning of the funnel that they have been trying to achieve for a long time

Let us look more closely into Facebook Conversational Ads 

Types of Facebook conversational ads

#1. Sponsored messages

As we discussed earlier sponsored messages are sent to all the followers of the page via Facebook Messenger. It helps businesses by sending offers, promotions, and updates directly to their demographic on Facebook. Where customers can chat with the chatbot and start a personalized connection at the very start of the funnel that the marketers have been longing for years.

In addition, these businesses can send business messages to subgroups within your audience in messenger, and we can filter it according to the action points of the user.

#2. Click-to-Messenger

As the title suggests, ads that click to Facebook Messenger to initiate the conversation. These ads can be displayed on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger Inbox. Marketers can leverage the ads for driving the conversations at a scale with the help of Messenger chatbots. The other benefit of click-to-messenger ads is it can drive user interest to other media, like email sign up and video platforms. This could work for newsletter sign-ups or even getting feedback.

Whether the holy grail of the marketer is to generate leads, raise awareness of brands or products, or drive end-to-end sales, Yellow.ai can tailor the conversations in the messenger by deploying our messenger chatbot for their click-to-messenger ad.

#3 Click-to-WhatsApp ads

With Click-to WhatsApp Ads, businesses can add a “Send Message” to their Facebook or Instagram ads. When the user clicks on the CTA “Send Message” it leads them to the WhatsApp platform where a tailored chatbot helps in generating leads, providing information. raising awareness or driving end-to-end sales, whatever be the business requirement.

Here on top, we can see Xiaomi on the release of Redmi Note 8 Pro driving end-to-end sales by driving customers from an ad on Facebook feed to the WhatsApp messaging platform.

5 Reasons to use Facebook conversational ads

1. Instant Lead Capture

Marketers can convert the traffic coming to their messenger ads to capture the details they need, and the sales representatives can reach out as soon as possible or in real-time. Converting the lead when it is hot. The chatbot can engage with users meanwhile by sending out relevant decks and meeting invites. 

2. Personalized Engagement

Conversational advertising is the holy grail the marketers were looking for years. It combines automated engagement with a one-on-one connection with a potential customer in real-time. And that too, at the very beginning of the funnel!

A report by Segment says  49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalized experience.

3. Drive End-to-End Sales

Drive end-to-end sales at the very beginning of the sales funnel. Automate the initial lead qualification and lead nurture follow up with the same chatbot. Or like we saw earlier in Xiaomi’s case after driving customers from ad to any of the messaging platforms, a customer can buy the product while chatting with the bot and complete the transaction as well. Or browse other products.

4. 24/7 Lead Qualification and Nurturing

After the initial lead capturing bot can help in qualifying the lead as per the business’s requirement. The bot can follow up with focussed content and help in converting the lead if not instantly then gradually. 

5. Prefer Medium of Engagement

We prefer messaging over talking or browning through various platforms and pages to get the product we want. Take them to their preferred platform of messaging Facebook or WhatsApp and engage with the customers through the chatbot. 

According to a study by Harward If the business does not respond in the first five minutes of a customer reaching out to you, it decreases the odds of conversion by 400%.

73% of customers prefer talking or to companies chat rather than email. And 56% of people would rather message the business than call. And providing a conversational platform at the very being of the sales funnel increases the chance of converting the lead.

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