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Exclusive Interview: Co-founder Explains Agent Assist Platform

November 08, 2021  •  1 minute read

Empower your agent workforce to improve customer experience through the power of conversational AI. 

Catch the exclusive interview of Rashid Khan, CPO and Co-Founder of where he explains how an integrated omni-channel agent assist platform can help companies improve their CSAT scores by up to 70% and improve their Customer experience by up to 83%.

The interview talks about INBOX – an omnichannel agent assist dashboard launched by that empowers agents with the information they need to resolve their requests effectively, efficiently, with accuracy and with greater confidence.

Empower your support agents with INBOX with these features: 

  • A Comprehensive view of all the support tickets across channels in a single place
  • Automated contact creation which gives agents infinitely more context about the past tickets of all the users!
  • Auto-translate feature so that language is never a barrier between a support agent and the customer
  • Create new support tickets from incoming emails or through website forms
  • Voice and video calling abilities for a more personalised support experience

Discover how INBOX can help your customer service teams for faster query resolution and deliver improved customer experiences. Request a demo to talk to our experts.

Nitish Bhardwaj

With over 10+ years of experience in the Marketing & Sales domain, Nitish is a product marketer who focuses on developing effective marketing strategies and communicates the features and benefits of's product stack. In his free time, he can be found running/cycling at odd hours, reading books, or rooting for Liverpool FC to win the PL & UCL again!
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