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Increase followers and turn them into loyal customers by promoting, automating responses,
cross-selling and upselling your products with Instagram DM automation, taking your business
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People are more interested in a brand after seeing it on Insta


Monthly users


Use Insta to research


Users tap on shopping

Automate Instagram engagement and increase loyalty and retention
Break the ice with consumers

Your prospects are knocking on your Instagram profile and are looking for ways to engage. Make it easy by adding ice-breakers with automated, yet personalized quick replies so they know you more.

Increase meaningful engagement

Increase followers, comments and reactions by running AI-powered campaigns, like contests, or giveaways. Tweak the campaign anytime by analysing the performance with Yellow.ai’s intuitive analytics board.

Use private reply to follow-up on public inquiries

Take charge of your message threads and use automated private replies to follow up on public inquiries via direct message. No query goes unresponded!

Automate responses to Instagram stories

Engage with brand love messages and send responses back to Instagram posts or story mentions when relevant.

Leverage Instagram automation to boostcommerce & sales

Turn inquiries into sales

Automate responding to product inquiries with the intention of providing a guided buying experience and a complete checkout process, all within Instagram.

Leverage shop product templates

Leverage aesthetic ‘shop product templates’ to provide direct product links for purchase and seal the deal with pre-built checkout integtations.

Generate qualified leads and sales

Automatically qualify leads, collect profile details and store phone numbers to start conversations, proactively so you can sell & upsell, only with the qualified leads.

Provide personalized support & improve CSAT withInstagram automation
Automate customer support on Instagram

Respond to and resolve customer inquiries on Instagram without redirecting to another channel, with the help of an AI-powered virtual assistant.

Handover complex queries to live agents

Use private reply feature for sensitive or complex comments to further support customers. Or better yet, transfer the query in real-time to your live agents.

Easily integrate with your existing tools

Connect your Instagram bot with your CRM, Inventory Management Software, Analytics and more, to always keep the customer at the heart of all conversations.

Deliver an exceptional experience while driving down costs by 60%

Integrate. Automate. Communicate instantly. It all starts with a conversation.

Conversational Service Cloud

Boost productivity and customer engagement with enterprise-grade self-serve support.

Conversational Commerce Cloud

Generate leads & sales via chatbots, SMS text, voice call, WhatsApp, Facebook & more, all from a single platform.

Conversational EX

Meet your 24/7 AI co-worker. Onboard and empower employees for a productive, cost effective workplace.

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