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Empowering Enterprises With Actionable Data-driven Conversational Insights

November 04, 2022  •  5 minute read

Today’s modern enterprises are in constant exploration to understand what their customers want and how to serve them better in their moments of need and across channels. Many brands are investing in state of the art technologies such as conversational AI automation to make these customer experiences truly delightful, frictionless and also stay differentiated from their competition.

When customers interact with brands through the conversational AI interface, it presents tremendous opportunity for brands to analyze these interactions later and derive insights, including what their customers are looking for and their motivations across the buying cycle, their challenges in the purchase cycle, as well as  customer sentiment during conversations between the customer and a bot or human agent.’s conversational AI platform comes with an Insights module, which enables  brands to glean  real-time actionable insights from the customer conversations and enhance their decision making for impactful business outcomes.

Within the Insights module is a simplified and intuitive interface, “Overview,” which is the primary place for users to check bot activities and performance. Overview is now enriched with new metrics including: 

  • Deflection rate
  • Bot vs. agent CSAT
  • Number of sessions handled by bot and agent
  • Breakdown of messages between bot and agent

Deflection rate

Deflection rate is the measure of sessions resolved by the bot without needing to transfer to a live agent. This represents the percentage of queries being resolved as self-serve. 

The objective here is to enable enterprises to reach a higher deflection rate so that human agents can have more time to resolve high-value complex queries, instead of routine simpler queries that should be automated as self-serve. This dashboard enables business and operational stakeholders to monitor the real-time deflection rate. 

Bot vs. Agent CSAT

A new widget called “User Feedback” shows an aggregate score of Bot CSAT and Agent CSAT on a scale of 1-5, along with percentage increase/decrease in the selected timeframe. CSAT is a right measure of the customer experience, and with this dashboard businesses can now gauge which channel needs improvement (bot or agent) and which is working fine.

The graph below shows a comparison of Bot CSAT vs Agent CSAT for the selected timeframe.

Sessions breakdown

The Sessions metric refers to the number of unique sessions created by users, including: 

  1. Bot sessions: Sessions handled by bot only
  2. Bot & Agent sessions: Sessions handled by both bot and agent

This breakdown of data will also reflect the comparative graph of the current and previous timeframe.

Messages breakdown

The Messages metric refers to the total number of messages exchanged between user, bot and agent. This data has now been further segmented into: 

  1. Bot & user messages: Messages exchanged between bot and user
  2. Agent & user messages: Messages exchanged between agent and user

This breakdown of data will also reflect the comparative graph of the current and previous timeframe.


The Insights module comes with much more enriched metrics and measurements that allow brands to understand their customers better, to measure and optimize channels that need improvement, monitor key KPIs such as deflection rate and CSAT, and drive continuous improvement of the same. The Insights module comes with enriched UX and an easy-to-use interface with neat dashboards that enable effective interpretation of data and enhanced decision making.

We would love to share how can help your business elevate the customer and employee experiences with the Insights module !

We would love to show you how can help your business elevate its customer and employee experiences with the Insights module!


Disha Thakkar

Disha has 10+ years of experience in Product Marketing, and Product Management. Her strength lies in knowing the exact needs of the customers to provide them with the best-in-class suite of products. She specializes in creating effective product launch strategies with clear messaging and positioning for the product. She has a keen interest in upcoming technology trends in the field of DevOps, test automation, test management, and CI/CD orchestration.

Sanskrity Gogoi

Sanskrity is an Associate Product Manager at She is working cross-functionally to build a powerful analytics tool for the platform. When not working, she loves to read, cook, and go for a badminton match. She’s found picking up a new hobby every other week, hoping to stick to one eventually.

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