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Leading Generative AI for businesses:’s journey to 100+ gen AI bots & millions of messages

Leading Generative AI for businesses:’s journey to 100+ gen AI bots & millions of messages
Leading Generative AI for businesses:’s journey to 100+ gen AI bots & millions of messages

While creating a product that leverages generative AI is simple, the tough part is getting it ready for the real world: scaling it up and making it reliable. This is due to integrating with different AI models, user experience concerns, and complexities related to data privacy and regulatory compliance in real-world scenarios. To put it simply, productizing Generative AI is easy, but productionizing (shipping to customers) is difficult. has been successful in overcoming these challenges. Today we are proud to announce that is a leading provider of generative AI solutions, and we are helping businesses achieve massive and amazing results such as: 

Deploying 100+ live generative AI-powered bots in three months

Answering 2M+ messages each month using runtime generative flows

What did do differently?

Other platforms use generative AI only for crafting responses. However, when it comes to creating workflows, they still use a traditional method of setting up predetermined flows in advance. Once message intent is identified, these preconfigured flows kick in, making the response structured and rigid.

At, we take a different approach. We use generative AI not just for responses but also to create conversation workflows in real time. Our runtime flows adjust to what the customer says or asks. What makes unique is: 

  • There is no dependency on preset workflows or complex setups
  • Runtime workflows make the interaction more flexible and adaptive
  • Enterprises save time and effort by eliminating manual configuration
  • Users experience more natural and human-like conversations

While we have deployed bots across verticals and use cases, a few key deployments are: botsUse case coverageImpact
Sales Assistant (goal-based conversations)Automate outbound calls for reminders, capture leads, take feedback from lost leads, etc.Send coupons/feature updates to churned usersOver 20% lead conversion rate
Product queriesProduct search and recommendationsCustomer journey automation (search, information, notifications, add to cart, feedback, etc.)Improve cart value by 10%
Knowledge bots (Zero Setup)Answer questions from the website and documentsAutomation bots: IT, HR, CX, etc.Achieve over 90% automation 

Real-world success stories: Impact on businesses

Explore how has helped businesses around the globe and across various industries streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and gain tangible results. From automating queries with YellowG Zero Setup to achieving business goals with Dynamic Chat, the customer stories below show the practical benefits of generative AI.

Automate queries with YellowG Zero Setup’s generative AI bots can automate up to 90% of customer interactions. This has reduced human agents’ workload and improved response times. Contact centers now have human agents who can focus on more complex tasks and improve customer satisfaction.

Pelago by Singapore Airlines reimagines customer experience with Generative AI-powered bots

Established by Singapore Airlines, Pelago, an innovative travel experience platform, partnered with to deploy a bot on multiple digital channels. The bot is capable of understanding customer queries and responding with high accuracy for tasks such as bookings, cancellations, retrieving vouchers or tickets, live agent support, and addressing any issues or queries related to Pelago or the travel domain.

Meet business goals with Dynamic Chat

With Dynamic Chat, enterprises can assign specific goals to the bot such as increasing bookings or upselling cross-selling merchandise. Let’s explore some success stories of Dynamic Chat.

400+ Auto-loan applications for a top NBFC company

One of the leading NBFC investment and credit companies partnered with, integrating Dynamic Chat powered by Generative AI. The bot showcases preapproved offers, with personalized deals for authenticated users, ensuring a unique and dynamic user experience. 

This led to remarkable success resulting in a 26% credit card application rate.

49% Success rate of capturing leads for an auto-finance company

Partnering with, India’s leading auto financing company deployed an advanced bot that engages with customers effortlessly, by providing a quick, easy, and hassle-free experience. It provides detailed information about bike loans and assessing eligibility for pre-approved loans.

Generated 100+ leads using the generative AI-powered Dynamic Chat feature.

World’s biggest 2-wheeler manufacturer achieved a 29% increase in test drives

The world’s biggest 2-wheeler manufacturer deployed a goal-driven AI-powered bot, enabled by Dynamic Chat. The bot allows customers to explore details about the scooter, compare products, and get access to the nearest dealerships. 

This bot is laser-focused on the ROI goal of getting back a lost lead to come for a test drive.


The adoption of generative AI is not just a trend; it’s becoming a necessity for businesses looking to stay competitive and frugal without compromising customer’s experience. While other conversational AI platforms are still catching up, Generative AI has proved its worth in lead generation, FAQ handling, and more, with its remarkable features and benefits.

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