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YellowG Zero Setup: Roll out AI-powered bot in seconds

The launch of YellowG, the industry’s first Generative AI-powered conversational automation platform for enterprises, was a significant achievement in the field of conversational AI. It marked a new standard for automation, delivering highly accurate and human-like interactions.

The revolutionary aspect of YellowG is its Zero Setup experience. In stark contrast to traditionally time-consuming AI implementations, Zero Setup enables businesses to roll out AI-powered bots in seconds, literally, without the need for flow design or development. Additionally, businesses can enhance the bot responses by effortlessly uploading documents, enabling accurate answers even from non-public enterprise-specific resources.

Conversations Reimagined with Zero Setup

Welcome to the world of instant automation

Challenges in AI implementation

Implementing conversational AI is a daunting, complex, and lengthy task. According to a survey by Accenture, 57% of executives stated a lengthy setup process was a significant barrier to adopting AI technologies. A few more challenges include:  

  • Anticipating various scenarios and pre-programming bot to handle them is difficult
  • Huge dependency on developers to create and implement workflows
  • Significant investment in infrastructure, development, training, and ongoing maintenance
  • Security and data privacy concerns when integrating with publicly available LLMs such as GPT-4, Alexa, LLaMa, etc.

Introducing YellowG Zero Setup

YellowG Zero Setup allows quick deployment of AI-powered bots, with no coding or training needed. This speeds up automation processes, leading to faster time-to-value, operational efficiency, and significant cost savings. It is also user-friendly, enabling businesses to create intelligent bots for their websites in seconds, facilitating autonomous customer interactions and improved service delivery.

Zero Setup capabilities  

Instant Deployment: Zero Setup removes the hassle of complex coding, tedious setup procedures, and the need for technical expertise traditionally required to deploy bots. With YellowG’s Zero Setup, businesses can have a live bot operational in seconds, rather than days.

Leverage Generative AI: YellowG Zero Setup allows businesses to harness the power of Generative AI. This includes managing goal-based conversations and complex scenarios through a dynamic workflow generator. This creates AI-powered bots that produce contextually aware and dynamic responses.

Minimal Hallucinations: YellowG Zero Setup utilizes an in-house multi-LLM architecture that delivers autonomous conversations. Specialized smaller models within this architecture outperform larger models in terms of hallucinations, response speed, and human-like interaction quality.

Contextual Conversation History: YellowG ensures a smooth and natural conversational experience by maintaining the context of each customer interaction. When customers engage with the AI-powered bot, YellowG keeps the conversation flow seamless, retaining the history and context of the dialogue.

Key value propositions of YellowG Zero Setup

Explore how YellowG Zero Setup empowers organizations to offer dynamic and human-like conversations.

  • Go live in seconds by eliminating the need for coding flows or NLP training
  • Elevate customer experiences with context-rich and human-like conversations
  • Achieve maximum ROI through the reduced setup and increased automation
  • Deliver faster response times to customer messages with our in-house LLM

Getting started with YellowG Zero Setup

Let’s explore how easy it is to get started.

Enter the URL and your bot is ready!

You can access the Zero Setup experience from the URL www.yellow.ai/yellowg. In the interface, you simply fill in one field: your business website URL. YellowG’s powerful algorithms will analyze your website’s content and generate a bot.

Enhance responses by uploading documents

With YellowG Zero Setup, enterprises can effortlessly upload documents for the bot to extract answers directly from them. This feature is especially beneficial when dealing with enterprise-specific documents that are not publicly available. Enable your bot to refer to these internal resources and deliver accurate responses to your customers. 


YellowG Zero Setup revolutionizes the way businesses create and deploy AI bots. Its intuitive interface, powerful AI capabilities, and focus on human-like conversations empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences effortlessly. By simplifying the bot creation process and eliminating the need for extensive training or design, YellowG Zero Setup opens up new possibilities for businesses. 

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