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How to gain 1000% on ROI with Yellow.ai and Generative AI

Explore Zodiac’s AI-driven automation strategies on how to unlock growth by elevating customer satisfaction and streamlining operations.


Imraan Surve

VP Marketing, Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd.

Imraan is a marketing & business leader with 30+ years of experience in launching brands and building businesses through omnichannel sales & marketing.

Shekar Murthy

Chief Customer Officer, Yellow.ai

Shekar is an experienced senior technology professional focused on designing and managing large-scale, enterprise wide digital, automation and contact center technology transformation programs.

Boost automation by 90% with runtime use cases

Staying ahead of the competition demands unmatched customer experiences. Enter Generative AI, your catalyst to increase sales by providing personalized product recommendations, goal-based AI-powered bots, and optimized customer journeys.

Why attend this webinar?

Get an exclusive insight into Zodiac, a premium men’s clothing retailer, that uses Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Automation Platform, powered by Generative AI. Improve customer experience and enhance buyer journey to help you:

  • Streamline operations and reduce costs by 60%
  • Increase conversions by 50% with goal-based conversations
  • Drive higher sales and engagement to boost CSAT by 40%

Be a part of our big launch as we reveal innovative features powered by Generative AI that will help you drive business growth with smart automation in minutes, rather than days!

  • Explore our latest technological advancements in product recommendations.
  • Drive conversions at each stage of the buying journey with Customer Lifecycle Optimizer

Maximize retail benefits and insights with Yellow.ai

In this webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to explore how to maximize the value of conversational automation, build stronger relationships with customers across all touchpoints, and more. Our experts will walk you through:

  • The biggest gaps and opportunities for enterprises to improve customer experience
  • Generative AI-powered runtime use cases and their business impact
  • How our customer, Zodiac, reached out to over million customers with 100+ campaigns, resulting in higher ROI across the customer buying journey

Why watch this webinar?

Here’s a chance for you to a part of this revolutionary journey to lead the retail market with unmatched customer experiences.

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