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Yellow.ai : Redefining customer & employee experiences

Updated: March 12, 2024
Yellow.ai : Redefining customer & employee experiences
Yellow.ai : Redefining customer & employee experiences
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In a world ruled by ‘experiences’, the success of Yellow.ai is no wonder. The world’s first cloud powered, cognitive engagement AI-platform, Yellow.ai provides enterprises with an end-to-end solution to build rich conversational experiences for their customers and employees alike. The company’s proprietary technology enables seamless orchestration between bots, applications, and humans, culminating in intelligent HR, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support and ITSM automation across industries.

Yellow.ai’s portfolio includes Telephony Smart Assistant, Chat Smart Assistant, WhatsApp for Business Automation, and Omni-Channel Digital Assistant with an integrated engagement suite consisting of AI-enabled ticketing, notifications, user-management to drive enterprise adoption. It’s not surprising that the startup, which was co-founded by techies Raghu Ravinutala (CEO), Jaya Kishore Reddy (CTO), and Rashid Khan (CPO), within shut-eye time has built an envious clientele. The list includes Byju’s, McDonald’s, Accenture, Flipkart, Swiggy, Asian Paints, Unilever, and TRESemmé, among others. CIO Insider is delighted to engage in an exclusive interaction with Raghu.

In conversation with Raghu Ravinutala, Founder & CEO, Yellow.ai

What is the challenge that Yellow.ai solves for its customers and how is it making a difference in the industry, leveraging the advantage of futuristic technologies like AI and cognitive computing?
As far as the challenges of the market are concerned, a line can be drawn between the pre-covid and post-covid scenarios. Primarily, Yellow.ai helps enterprises automate and transform the way they communicate with their customers as well as employees.

Yellow.ai helps enterprises render the next level of customer experience by enabling them real-time 24×7 communication powered by artificial intelligence & cognitive computing. Instead of waiting for minutes, they get answers in seconds. On the other hand, we equip enterprises to provide their employees with the same level of experience by closely tethering and real-time connecting them to departments like Human Resources and IT etc. In the process, we help our clients reduce costs on customer support as well as employee support.

In the aftermath of covid-19, Yellow.ai helps its clients deliver the same level of support to their customers, even when the employees are working from home or the organization is functioning with thinner staff strength. Additionally, it helps our clients directly derive value from platforms like WhatsApp and Google My Business.

Could you share with us one such case study?
Of course. Of late, we delivered a solution to one of the largest Life Insurance companies in the country. They were looking for voice based automation across their processes, starting right from customer onboarding to insurance premium collection. Previously, they had a traditional, manual process to call the clients, get the details, and ensure that the renewals are done on time. We replaced the entire process with Voicebots that automatically make calls, get the confirmatory details, and facilitates premium collection & renewals. The results were quite satisfying. The new solution not only reduced their operational cost, but also significantly improved the completion rate of customer queries.

One of the largest projects we did was with the world’s largest Oil & Gas equipment manufacturing company. We deployed 14 different intelligent bots across their HR function – across everything from PayRoll & HR queries to procurement queries. It’s not only that they were able to dramatically improve the employee experience, but they now save more than $2 million on their employee support infrastructure.

Tell us about your platform and its technology framework.
Our platform is an end-to-end solution when it comes to enterprise communication as it integrates almost all communication channels – right from Telephone to WhatsApp, Google Assistant, WeChat and many more. Our platform also uses ‘data efficient’ Natural Language Processing; i.e. it uses only a nominal amount of data to understand the query, owing thanks to our pre-trained bots and knowledge bases for different industries. Furthermore, the platform also incorporates a Workflow Orchestration Engine that understands the queries and actually performs actions on enterprise applications autonomously.

Yellow.ai boasts of end-to-end solutions like Canary and Bumblebee. What makes them unique?
Canary is an end-to-end conversational commerce solution. It helps both retailers and eCommerce companies manage storefront, sales, marketing and customer engagement across channels – all through a single interface. For instance, it can help you establish a comprehensive sales channel on the platforms like Whatsapp. On the other hand, Bumblebee is our conversational HR automation platform. It helps automate your complete HR processes, retain & up-skill talent, and capture actionable people insights, using a single interface.

Your company has an envious clientele. This implicates greater obligations to innovate more and stay ahead of the technology trends. Going forward, what are the areas that your company is planning to invest? Also, how has been the growth so far and what’s your future roadmap?
One of the key areas of investment is multilingual voice automation. Currently, we cover 13 different languages in voice and we are in the process to incorporate 53 different languages from across the continents. We see great demand for our product from different parts of the world. We also plan to invest heavily in our developer ecosystem, while another area of investment will be around the commercialization of the AI marketplace.

It’s good news that we have had excellent growth despite the pandemic. From having 100 people in January, we have grown to become 350 people strong organization. We have our presence in all the continents today. Going forward, we expect to double our size by the same time next year.

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