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Yellow.ai’s SLA management system for email ticketing

Yellow.ai’s SLA management system for email ticketing
Yellow.ai’s SLA management system for email ticketing
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Service level agreements (SLAs) describe the level of service you expect from an organization. This includes establishing metrics to measure service and corrective actions or penalties if the agreed service level is not met.

SLAs play a key role in defining your end user’s experience and building a brand reputation. Without automation, it can get harder to track and manage channel-based ticket SLAs leading to delays and poor customer experience. Of the various channels used for raising support tickets, email-based tickets usually have a longer resolution timeframe when compared to live chats, so managing the SLAs can get trickier. In order to resolve this, we have come up with the SLA management system, which not only will automate escalations and reminders but also provide the right tools to audit and easily eliminate the issues that can occur making sure you as a business keep your promises.

Introducing SLAs for email ticketing

We are thrilled to announce the launch of SLAs for Inbox’s Email Ticketing module, which will allow customer support teams to track, measure, and improve upon their SLAs with ease. As part of the Email Ticketing module within Inbox, customer support teams will now be able to track the following metrics:

1. First response time

This metric will reflect the ‌time spent by an agent to provide an initial response to a customer email or support ticket created from the email.

2. Every response time

This metric will reflect the ‌time spent by an agent in responding to the customer’s last replied email message.

3. Resolution Time

This metric will reflect the ‌time spent by agent(s) to resolve a customer email or support ticket created from the email once it’s been opened.

Setting SLAs as per organization policies

You will be able to create multiple SLA policies with the above metrics to track different tickets based on their expected SLAs.

Policies can be configured to automatically apply to a ticket only when certain conditions are met, e.g. only apply the Enterprise SLAs to the tickets landing in the payments group when they have the premium tag. Once the condition is satisfied, the SLA targets are assigned to a ticket based on their priority.

Keeping those SLAs in check!

We have built UI nudges and automation around SLA targets ‌to minimize SLA breaches and update your agents on the criticality of the ticket.


Reminders will allow users to schedule automated email whenever the SLA is approaching its due time, alerting teams to take quick action.

Ticket level information

Each ticket will display the attached policies and the target time to agents at all times, letting them know the status of each ticket. 


Automated escalation mails can be configured to be sent out to all the relevant stakeholders in case any of the SLAs are breached.

Your perfect omnichannel agent assist platform for email-based ticket management and more!

Providing excellent customer service boils down to meeting/exceeding your customers’ expectations. And SLAs are an effective way to formalize those expectations!

With Yellow.ai’s Inbox, you can now easily make SLAs part of your workflow. 

Alert your agent workforce and supervisors when Email SLAs are in danger of being breached, and track those key KPIs that reveal even more about your support team’s performance.

Ready to engage and empower your support agents to deliver a superior customer experience and cut down on resolution times? Talk to our experts today!

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