All Blogs Adds Email Ticketing To Its Omnichannel Helpdesk!

September 24, 2021  •  2 minute read

Customer queries come in all shapes and sizes. While some of them get instantly solved on a live chat through messaging apps like WhatsApp or Web bot, others require more detailed explanation with multiple people in the loop over a longer time frame. The second typically happens when a customer or employee sends you an email or creates a ticket by filling out a form on your website.

 Although it’s just another channel, how emails work is quite different from live chat, e.g. :

  • Emails tickets can stay active for longer time periods
  • Multiple participants could be involved on both sides in CC or BCC
  • SLA management and ticket distribution would work differently because of how many tickets an agent can handle
  • Automated workflows are quite different between emails & chats, etc.

So, while our customers wanted a unified omnichannel help desk for easy monitoring and usage, they also wanted the flexibility to leverage all features that emails or ‘tickets’ offer. 

Ticketing Platform, with an automation spin

Today, we are very excited to launch a dedicated platform for your teams to manage email & form-based tickets. Here is what you can do now, besides live chat :

  • Create new support tickets from incoming emails or through website forms
  • Intuitive UI with agent productivity features to resolve tickets at the speed of light
  • Automated contact creation giving agents infinitely more context about the past tickets of all the users!
  • Complex SLA and Escalation systems baked in to ensure no ticket is ever missed
  • All the goodness of Yellow AI’s automation capabilities through our no-code workflow builder for deep customisation
  • Single omnichannel helpdesk solution to monitor agents responding from web, social media and email

Liked what you see? Take it for a ride!

Request a demo & see how the feature can benefit your business today.

Akshat Dhabi

Developer turned Product Manager, has a passion to create be it products, food or music. Experienced in CX space can offer great insights when it comes to scaling support for support teams of all sizes! You can usually find him learning new skills and listening to music.
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